Getting to Lambeau Field on Gameday


Whether you are coming to town for a Packer game or already living here you may be looking for a different way to get to the game. Since the Stadium is surrounded by residential neighborhoods and some of the roads get blocked off, some get turned into one way streets and others are just impossible to get through because of people and cars. Why not leave the car at the hotel or house and take a different form of transportation to and from the stadium.

There are many different times of transportation to get you down to the game and back. There are free shuttles from the bar’s, the city run free shuttle that pick up near the hotels around town plus there are taxi’s, uber and lyft to take you around. Who knew there were so many options to get there!

While the free shuttles from the bar’s and the city may be one of the most likely options for people they are also the ones that are going to take the longest because there will be so many people and they only run at certain times. For instance the free city shuttle picks up every half hour but it also has to make a lot of different stops along the way to the game. Taxi’s may seem like a great option but they are going to have a long wait time and they are going to charge a lot of money. Uber and Lyft are probably the best option if you don’t want to wait since there are so many of them most of the drivers can get to you within 10 minutes or less, however they may be one of the more expensive options. There are free codes out there for uber if it is your first time or there could be a code in the app for game day, an example would be the home opener last weekend where the packers teamed up with Miller Lite and they provided a code for $10 free dollars if you were going to Lambeau Field that day.

You may know about the shuttles and the taxi’s but you may also be wondering what uber and lyft are. They are a ride share app that allows you to pay with your credit card and request a ride from an app. It’s people like you and me using their personal cars to give you rides. Bonus with using uber and lyft is that you don’t have to ever exchange cash with the drivers as it’s all done through the app on your credit card. If you still aren’t sure about them ask around usually someone you know is a driver for one of the companies or has used them before.

Overall because there are so many options it should make getting to and from the games just a little bit easier and safer than taking your own car. Also it means that you aren’t drinking and driving after the games. So next time you go to a Green Bay Packers game be sure to check out a different form of transportation before you take your car to the stadium.

Getting to Lambeau Field on Gameday

Western Adventures: 5 Incredible Destinations from Green Bay to Yellowstone

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Vivid colors as if from a painting. Strange sounds never before heard. Deafening silence. Bison in your window and prairie dogs at your feet. These are just a few of the snippets I experienced on the 1-90 adventure from Green Bay to Yellowstone. Recently my husband and I took a 10 day road trip out to Yellowstone National park for our two year anniversary. I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely did not anticipate how awe inspiring, beautiful, sometimes scary and definitely exciting trip awaited us! The most surprising part of the trip was getting to experience all the neat destinations along the 18 hour drive there. If you’re ever thinking of a trip there yourself, here are five of the must see places along the way.

1. Badlands, South Dakota

Badlands, South Dakota

The Badlands are an incredible sight to behold, located in South Dakota just past the Missouri River. The colors here are so vivid and always seem to change depending on the time of day. This region is so different from the rest of South Dakota’s landscape and stands in striking contrast to the flat surroundings. dsc_0641 The climate is desert-like and seems like you are in a foreign country. We spent one night camping here and what stood out to me the most was the deafening silence. It is located hours from major cities so you could literally hear a pin drop here. The Badlands are a fun place to explore all the canyons, walk trails and spend a relaxing night camping. There is also a surprising amount of wildlife here. dsc_0369We were lucky enough to encounter prairie dogs and a group of wild bighorn sheep that came right up to our car!






2. Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Devil’s Tower in the Northeast corner of Wyoming is truly a neat feature that is worth stopping to check out! This unique rock formation occurred as an ancient volcanic eruption solidified and the surrounding rock eroded leaving behind the original blast. There are several hiking trails that circle the monument as well as campsites available. If you’re feeling extra adventurous the park even allows you to rock climb to the top!

3. Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming

Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming

Hot Springs State Park was definitely one of my favorite gems we stumbled upon! This fascinating spot features large natural hot springs that are free and open to the public to swim in. The hot springs belonged to the Native Americans in the region for many years and it was believed that the water cured all kinds of ailments. Today it is used therapeutically to soothe muscle aches, loosen joints and improve skin and health. The water is 104-120 degrees and you are allowed to swim for 20 minutes. It was very relaxing and one of the highlights of our trip!

4. Grand Tetons National Park

Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Grand Tetons National Park is definitely a beautiful place to spend a day and see the mountains. Located just south of Yellowstone, it’s sometimes overlooked but has views that are phenomenal with scenic drives through turquoise colored lakes and snowy mountains. The autumn colors here were especially striking with vivid orange/yellows against blues and purples. I often felt as though I was traveling through a calendar picture!

5. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park, the final destination on your journey is absolutely worth the 18 hour drive! dsc_0147We spent 5 days here and saw most of the major attractions, but it is not enough time to see everything. This place is awe inspiring, magnificent and unlike anywhere I’ve been before. From geysers to canyons, bubbling pots, mountains, waterfall hikes and dsc_0082wildlife of all kind, Yellowstone is filled with wonder around every corner!





Check out the websites below for more information on these destinations!

Badlands National Park

Devil’s Tower National Monument

Hot Springs State Park

Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park

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profile-jpg Magdolna Mingo is a unique creative from a family of artists who graduated from Allegheny College of Meadville, PA in 2012 with a B.A. in Art & Technology. Currently she is juggling an exciting career in graphic and web design in Green Bay, Wisconsin while supplementing her expertise in web development and marketing courses at NWTC. In her free time she loves to travel, camp, spend time at the beach and devise new ways to make websites more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Western Adventures: 5 Incredible Destinations from Green Bay to Yellowstone

The Cost of a Creative Mind

It is important to express oneself…provided the feelings are real and are taken from you own experience.”  Berthe Morisot

The quotes above is simplistic enough to understand. The expression of yourself comes from within and from the experience you endure. A lot of young adults are choosing ways to express themselves in ways of art and music. The sing or draw or in many sense simply create just to express or get out some emotion the have within. However in this day in age the programs within the school districts are lacking the funds to support these children.

If you look into the articles and blog posts scattered over the internet you see the sad truth surrounding the budget cuts through out the United States.  Unfortunately the costs of the arts are often times first to be cut when budget cuts are made. “The electives are what keep kids in school.” Steve Ellis. These classes are where students go to explore their passion or to use their creative minds. For many students this is a class they look forward to going to. They get a break from the work load and stress of their core classes.

The benefits of these classes help students no only in the sense of creativity but they also help them with development academically and personally. When the cuts on a childs academic future are at hand so are the development both academically and personally.


The Cost of a Creative Mind

Live Full or Die Trying

A quote I make sure my life revolves around. Not once a week, not once a month, but every damn hour of every day of my waking existence. Some people believe that after we die we are sent to faraway place where we live out eternity in perfect conditions. But sad to say, I am not one of those people. I believe that the life we have here today is all that we have, and knowing that makes me even more determined to make the most out of what I have here. Many success stories start with a rant on how the hero had to walk to school with no shoes, up hill both ways.

This story starts a bit differently,for me I can’t say I grew up with a difficult childhood, there was always food on the table and I always had two loving parents by my side. But things weren’t always perfect. At the end of my sophomore year, I was 15 and my best friend died in a four wheeling accident. I had no idea what to think, believe or feel… I had no clue… I was lost… So for a few years I struggled to find purpose in life, jumping around on ideas of what I wanted to go to college for and how I wanted my life to go. So after a few long months of deliberation I decided that Marketing sounded alright. I took a college level marketing class in high school and decided that yeah, I think I can do this. So as the summer started to end and September rolled around I was going full blast with no regrets and nothing to look back to. Things were so good, I was flying through classes and no one could stop me. Until October 14th,2015 when once again fate had hit me hard as I lost another very close friend. Wow… What now… My life line to sanity during my off days of class. My connection who said they would always be there, and always was. So now what?

Since that day and every day since, I have made it my goal to Live, Love and Grow for the ones who had their lives cut short.It can only be your determination to make your life enjoyable and saying you were dealt a poor hand is the worst cop out  in the book. Take a look at these five pointers and take a step back and see if you can add them into your life.

  1. Enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones to
    the full. Never cut a moment short.
  2. Explore the world and the beautiful nature that surrounds us.
  3. Try something new as often as possible, no matter how scary.
  4. Never be afraid to put your emotions out for others to see, hear and feel.
  5. Set a goal for everyday and before you go to bed, make sure it happens.

Living life to the full can mean many different things for many different people. But for me, I do as much as possible as fast as possible because I know that when I look back on my life in the distant future I’ll know that I gave it my all. Only you can make your life successful and without a bit of risk taking, you’ll never know what you can achieve.

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Live Full or Die Trying

A Garage or Fond Memories

family and friends
they brought the crane and their talent

A Garage, or Fond Memories

Make it an experience, was the intent from the start. We have not had a garage to park, our vehicles in, ever! So the time came, and I mean Time! This was being planned for many, many years. We wanted a garage that would take care of our immediate needs, get the vehicles out of the extreme elements. But I wanted a garage, that made a statement, and that I designed. Not just an enclosure, so I started my plan. The zoning and getting a permit, was the longest part of the whole project. So I enlisted the knowledge and help from a friend, and designer, in the building industry. Then came the permit. Now What! After all these years, it’s time to say, ready, get set, GO!  We had to measure out the placement of the garage, with the house, and lot. But I had that pretty much, set on the permit, drawings. The contractor, for the foundation, helped determine the height, and grade. While the contractor, was doing the excavating, for the garage floor. I had him dig trenches for, electric power, water and drainage system. I did the electrical, myself, so I knew where I wanted, everything run to. We put two 100amp services in and existing garage, and the new one. After the concrete work was finished, it was time to get the building supplies ordered. It was not hard to pick out a supplier. The friend, designer, who, worked for a contractor, that was also a supplier, was just what we needed. He could order the materials as we needed them. Rather than finding a spot to pile it all, and sort thru it when we needed something. But let’s go back to the beginning, before the design and planning. I always intended to build this garage, with my two sons. Instead of standing back, and letting a contractor build it. It would be easier, but it would not be a family ordeal. Yes, it was an ordeal. The boys are very talented, and they both have built garages with their uncle. But this was different. This time they have total control of the project, and that made it more fun. We had to round up help, installing the trusses, bracing, sheeting and felting the roof. All of us were in the Yacht building industry, and it was fun to work together on a different type of project. They brought the crane, along with their talent, and it all went pretty smooth. Building a garage is a chore, that people do, every day. But when you build something with family, and friends, that is something that goes beyond the task of building. It is and experience, and will never be forgotten. We have a beautiful garage, one of the best I have seen. But the fun, and the memories are worth more than a building housing, vehicles.

Materials were provided by Vans Lumber and Supply.

The crane was built by Marine Travelift.

A Garage or Fond Memories

5 DOs and DON’Ts for a TCG Tournament




I know you are thinking, “What the heck is a TCG?”. It’s a valid question, not that many people are familiar with the abbreviation.

TCG stands for Trading Card Game. Some of the most popular TCGs include: Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Force of Will.

Yes, just like you see in Poker, or many video games, there are huge trading card game tournaments. I’m talking thousands of players in one massive room for 12 hours a day, sometimes spanning entire weekends.

Here is a brief guide on what to do and not to do if you find yourself preparing for a huge event.

1: DO Come prepared. For these events, you need to have each and every card written down on whats called a “deck list”, and it has to be turned in before the event starts. At every event you will see players scrambling to attain cards from other players and vendors moments before deck lists are required for turn-in. These cards are not cheap and they become even more expensive the closer you get to the tournament. If you make sure to have every card needed BEFORE arriving at the event, you will have a leg up on the competition, and it gives you time to relax. Order cards you need from weeks before the event to make sure you have everything you need.

2: DO Uber Everywhere. A tip I got from national Yu-Gi-Oh champion, Patrick Hoban. In his blog titled, “Save Money While Traveling to Events”,, he mentions how Uber is a great way to get around in big cities. Avoiding parking and renting a car, it also helps to avoid the stress of driving in big, unfamiliar-to-you, cities.

3: DON’T skip the shower. It seems obvious, but if you haven’t been to a large TCG event, then there is a smell that you have never smelled before. It’s the fedora, neck beard, plumbers crack essence that we are trying to avoid here by SHOWERING. Don’t skip it to save 5 minutes.

4: DO eat breakfast and bring snacks. These events usually start at 10 AM sharp, and they can get done anytime between 9 PM and Midnight. There aren’t lunch breaks and you will get hungry. Sometimes you can sneak in a trip to the fast food place outside the convention center between rounds, but don’t bank on it. A healthy breakfast and a few granola bars, chips, and fruit for throughout the day should tide you over until the post event steakhouse feast with your fellow players/friends.

5: DON’T sell cards at the event. Most of these companies running the premier tournaments rent out spaces for authorized vendors to sell cards. Only authorized vendors can sell at these events. Multiple times have I seen players doing well in events only to get kicked out of the venue for trying to make a quick 5 bucks from a fellow player.

Now obviously there is much more that needs to be covered before one takes a crack at a premier Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, or Pokemon event. This is a good place to start.

5 DOs and DON’Ts for a TCG Tournament

Living in Fear

We’ve all been desensitized lately. Nowadays when we hear the words “mass shooting” we barely bat an eye, the president included! Who could blame him? He himself has had to address America for over 30 mass shootings. Could you imagine what that must be like?  As the leader of this nation, it must be grueling.

At this point, places like the U.K. Russia, India, Japan – people from all over the world see America as the place notorious for their mass shootings. Countries like Australia, Japan and the U.K. have strict gun restrictions. Guess how many shootings the U.K. had this year? Zero. Last year? Zero. The year before that? Zero.. Guess how many Japan has had since record-able history? None. Why? Because there are simply no guns available to the public.

“WELL IF IT’S NOT A GUN IT’S A KNIFE, PEOPLE WILL KILL EACH OTHER IF THEY REALLY WANT TO” Okay… Does that mean that we’re all just going to stand by and make it easy for them? Does that mean you’re going to just sit and wait until it’s your little brother or sister, your mother or your father who dies in vain? This demands action, and the fact that people would even waste their breath on such a meaningless sentiment is enough to anger me. “We need guns in the hand of the right people” NO. This isn’t Hollywood! There are way too many unknown factors and variables! You simply do not know how the situation will play out. Not everyone is a skilled marksman right out of the gun safety course!

“You don’t understand. You don’t know what it feels like to fire a gun, or what it means to me as a hunter” Well, I kind of do. I’ve come from a family of hunters; I know the excitement of firing a gun as well as the precious memories that are made when hunting. However, when it comes to hunting, let’s resort to the one true hunting tool, something that is ancient as the sport itself: the bow! Since the widespread availability of crossbows, even the physically handicapped can bow hunt. If wildlife population spikes, give the hunters extra hunting tags for more incentive. There are all sorts of possibilities. What I think of every time I see these mass shootings on the news are my little brothers, because these mass shootings aren’t just taking place in huge urban cities. They’re happening right in our backyards, at our public schools, and now even night clubs. I ask myself, “When will it be my turn to pick up the phone and hear that my little brother has been shot to death by some ego-tripped bastard hell bent on killing everyone?”

However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is NOT a gun control issue. This is a mental health issue. Nevertheless, the masses still fail to realize what’s really going on. Honestly it saddens me as much as it angers me. What can I do at this point? I’ve said my piece and it seems everyone is still all boned up on the gun debate. Does this country like controversy more than solutions? It would seem so.




Living in Fear