A Garage or Fond Memories

family and friends
they brought the crane and their talent

A Garage, or Fond Memories

Make it an experience, was the intent from the start. We have not had a garage to park, our vehicles in, ever! So the time came, and I mean Time! This was being planned for many, many years. We wanted a garage that would take care of our immediate needs, get the vehicles out of the extreme elements. But I wanted a garage, that made a statement, and that I designed. Not just an enclosure, so I started my plan. The zoning and getting a permit, was the longest part of the whole project. So I enlisted the knowledge and help from a friend, and designer, in the building industry. Then came the permit. Now What! After all these years, it’s time to say, ready, get set, GO!  We had to measure out the placement of the garage, with the house, and lot. But I had that pretty much, set on the permit, drawings. The contractor, for the foundation, helped determine the height, and grade. While the contractor, was doing the excavating, for the garage floor. I had him dig trenches for, electric power, water and drainage system. I did the electrical, myself, so I knew where I wanted, everything run to. We put two 100amp services in and existing garage, and the new one. After the concrete work was finished, it was time to get the building supplies ordered. It was not hard to pick out a supplier. The friend, designer, who, worked for a contractor, that was also a supplier, was just what we needed. He could order the materials as we needed them. Rather than finding a spot to pile it all, and sort thru it when we needed something. But let’s go back to the beginning, before the design and planning. I always intended to build this garage, with my two sons. Instead of standing back, and letting a contractor build it. It would be easier, but it would not be a family ordeal. Yes, it was an ordeal. The boys are very talented, and they both have built garages with their uncle. But this was different. This time they have total control of the project, and that made it more fun. We had to round up help, installing the trusses, bracing, sheeting and felting the roof. All of us were in the Yacht building industry, and it was fun to work together on a different type of project. They brought the crane, along with their talent, and it all went pretty smooth. Building a garage is a chore, that people do, every day. But when you build something with family, and friends, that is something that goes beyond the task of building. It is and experience, and will never be forgotten. We have a beautiful garage, one of the best I have seen. But the fun, and the memories are worth more than a building housing, vehicles.

Materials were provided by Vans Lumber and Supply.


The crane was built by Marine Travelift.


A Garage or Fond Memories

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