Living in Fear

We’ve all been desensitized lately. Nowadays when we hear the words “mass shooting” we barely bat an eye, the president included! Who could blame him? He himself has had to address America for over 30 mass shootings. Could you imagine what that must be like?  As the leader of this nation, it must be grueling.

At this point, places like the U.K. Russia, India, Japan – people from all over the world see America as the place notorious for their mass shootings. Countries like Australia, Japan and the U.K. have strict gun restrictions. Guess how many shootings the U.K. had this year? Zero. Last year? Zero. The year before that? Zero.. Guess how many Japan has had since record-able history? None. Why? Because there are simply no guns available to the public.

“WELL IF IT’S NOT A GUN IT’S A KNIFE, PEOPLE WILL KILL EACH OTHER IF THEY REALLY WANT TO” Okay… Does that mean that we’re all just going to stand by and make it easy for them? Does that mean you’re going to just sit and wait until it’s your little brother or sister, your mother or your father who dies in vain? This demands action, and the fact that people would even waste their breath on such a meaningless sentiment is enough to anger me. “We need guns in the hand of the right people” NO. This isn’t Hollywood! There are way too many unknown factors and variables! You simply do not know how the situation will play out. Not everyone is a skilled marksman right out of the gun safety course!

“You don’t understand. You don’t know what it feels like to fire a gun, or what it means to me as a hunter” Well, I kind of do. I’ve come from a family of hunters; I know the excitement of firing a gun as well as the precious memories that are made when hunting. However, when it comes to hunting, let’s resort to the one true hunting tool, something that is ancient as the sport itself: the bow! Since the widespread availability of crossbows, even the physically handicapped can bow hunt. If wildlife population spikes, give the hunters extra hunting tags for more incentive. There are all sorts of possibilities. What I think of every time I see these mass shootings on the news are my little brothers, because these mass shootings aren’t just taking place in huge urban cities. They’re happening right in our backyards, at our public schools, and now even night clubs. I ask myself, “When will it be my turn to pick up the phone and hear that my little brother has been shot to death by some ego-tripped bastard hell bent on killing everyone?”

However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is NOT a gun control issue. This is a mental health issue. Nevertheless, the masses still fail to realize what’s really going on. Honestly it saddens me as much as it angers me. What can I do at this point? I’ve said my piece and it seems everyone is still all boned up on the gun debate. Does this country like controversy more than solutions? It would seem so.




Living in Fear

4 thoughts on “Living in Fear

  1. masonmattila says:

    It is ridiculous the amount of shootings and attacks that happen in our country. I do agree that some of it is a mental health issue. Our broken, capitalistic country is ruined by money. We are feeding people drugs that are messing with their brains, and in my opinion, some of these shootings never would have happened if the shooter wasn’t all drugged up on anti-depressants or whatever else they are giving them. Things won’t change, though, because the pharmaceutical industry has all the money and the money is power.

    A second point I would like to make, and some people don’t like to hear this, but I think a significant amount of these attacks and bombings and shootings are hoaxes. Propaganda put into play by our government to help along gun reform, instill fear on our population, and do whatever else they need to do that the general public is unaware of. That’s just my opinion.


  2. astuiber says:

    Its all too real… The people that believe that more guns stops gun violence is ridiculous. I grew up in a small northern town where hunting season was the biggest holiday of the whole year. Many people own guns, but the difference for many is that they are all hunting weapons. I don’t know a single person who owns a automatic weapon or know anyone who would ever need one!


    1. zacharyzaroff says:

      I agree. It’s one thing to own a rifle or shotgun for hunting, but it’s something totally different when you have something that could potentially kill a whole room full of people in a matter of seconds. Those kinds of guns don’t need to be available to the public. That’s just a no-brainer.


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