Live Full or Die Trying

A quote I make sure my life revolves around. Not once a week, not once a month, but every damn hour of every day of my waking existence. Some people believe that after we die we are sent to faraway place where we live out eternity in perfect conditions. But sad to say, I am not one of those people. I believe that the life we have here today is all that we have, and knowing that makes me even more determined to make the most out of what I have here. Many success stories start with a rant on how the hero had to walk to school with no shoes, up hill both ways.

This story starts a bit differently,for me I can’t say I grew up with a difficult childhood, there was always food on the table and I always had two loving parents by my side. But things weren’t always perfect. At the end of my sophomore year, I was 15 and my best friend died in a four wheeling accident. I had no idea what to think, believe or feel… I had no clue… I was lost… So for a few years I struggled to find purpose in life, jumping around on ideas of what I wanted to go to college for and how I wanted my life to go. So after a few long months of deliberation I decided that Marketing sounded alright. I took a college level marketing class in high school and decided that yeah, I think I can do this. So as the summer started to end and September rolled around I was going full blast with no regrets and nothing to look back to. Things were so good, I was flying through classes and no one could stop me. Until October 14th,2015 when once again fate had hit me hard as I lost another very close friend. Wow… What now… My life line to sanity during my off days of class. My connection who said they would always be there, and always was. So now what?

Since that day and every day since, I have made it my goal to Live, Love and Grow for the ones who had their lives cut short.It can only be your determination to make your life enjoyable and saying you were dealt a poor hand is the worst cop out  in the book. Take a look at these five pointers and take a step back and see if you can add them into your life.

  1. Enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones to
    the full. Never cut a moment short.
  2. Explore the world and the beautiful nature that surrounds us.
  3. Try something new as often as possible, no matter how scary.
  4. Never be afraid to put your emotions out for others to see, hear and feel.
  5. Set a goal for everyday and before you go to bed, make sure it happens.

Living life to the full can mean many different things for many different people. But for me, I do as much as possible as fast as possible because I know that when I look back on my life in the distant future I’ll know that I gave it my all. Only you can make your life successful and without a bit of risk taking, you’ll never know what you can achieve.

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Live Full or Die Trying

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