10 “Must Visit” Locations for Packers Fans

Do you love the Green Bay Packers? Of course you do, everyone does. Here are 10 places all Packers fans must see.

10. National Railroad Museum – nrm-102-green-bay-wi-7-29-07The museum is one of the oldest institutions in the United States dedicated to preserving and interpreting the nation’s railroad history. It was founded in 1956 by community volunteers in Green Bay. Throughout its history, patron contributions have continued to create one of the largest railroad preservation institutions in the United States. source: Wikipedia, National Railroad Museum

9. NEW ZoolsAccredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, The NEW Zoo
is a 43-acre facility located within the Reforestation Camp which features 92 exhibits with over 215 live animals. Divided into several themed areas including the North American Plains, Wisconsin & Northern Trails, Africa, Australia, a Children’s Zoo and an education building, the Zoo offers self-guided tours through dozens of animal exhibits. –source: NEW Zoo 

8.Bay Beach – 1024px-zippin_pippin_2013_opening_morningThe park’s history dates to the 1890s, when entrepreneur Mitchell Nejedlo purchased the land. Originally intended to be divided and sold for summer cottages, he turned it into Bay View Beach.Today the park is a family place, with scenic views and rides for children, including bumper cars, a small-scale passenger train ride, a large slide,  Ferris wheel and is home to one of the oldest operating wooden roller coasters in North America, “The Zippin Pippin”. source Wikipedia

7. Ray Nitschke Field – 2014camp1400bRay Nitschke Field is one of the two outdoor practice facilities of the Green Bay Packers (the other is Clarke Hinkle Field). These fields, together with the Don Hutson Center, comprise the team’s training complex.

The field is named for Ray Nitschke, who played for the Packers from 1958 to 1972 and whose number 66 was retired by the team. Nitschke is a member of both the Pro Football and Packers Hall of Fames. The field included bleacher seating for 1500 fans, a sound system for announcements and music as well as natural grass field with underground heating. The heating system allows the team to host outdoor practices in the winter. The exterior facade uses the same brick style as Lambeau Field and the 170 × 75-yard field is considered a state-of-the-art practice field unlike anything else in the National Football League. source: Wikipedia

6. Brett Favre’s Steakhouse brett-favre-s-steakhouseFor more than a decade Brett Favre’s Steakhouse has been filled with Packer fans and Packer memorabilia, including Brett Favre’s trophies and personal items. Brett Favre’s Steakhouse is the one place on earth that captures the spirit of #4. Retaining his spirit and style, we reflect Brett’s southern upbringing in our menu and warm, welcoming atmosphere. -source: Brett Favre’s Steakhouse 

5. Al’s Hamburgers – 823d715da68668e38d92f5f2c7f0cf60This is a hidden gem of Green Bay that I feel only the locals really know about.  It’s a short, white squared building surrounded by tall buildings downtown Green Bay.  This is a little diner that makes some decent, cheap burgers. The service is nothing great, but they get you your food and check in a timely manner. Definitely get a burger when you go there.  You have to pay extra to get a side and I would recommend the fries or cheese curds.  I’ve been here for breakfast as well.

4. Kroll’s – krolls Kroll’s West is one of those family owned restaurants that “hasn’t changed a bit.” They still serve a “butter burger”—they basically cook their burger in butter and then top if off with ketchup, pickles, onions and MORE butter. Kroll’s butterbugers are one of those things that you need to try when you’re out in Wisconsin for a Packer’s weekend.


3. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame packer_hall_of_fame The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame was the first hall of fame built to honor a single professional American football team. William L. Brault, a Green Bay restaurateur and Packers fan, founded the Hall of Fame in 1966. According to Brault, he got the idea after visitors to Green Bay would repeatedly ask about the Packers’ storied history. Sensing opportunity, Brault went to Packers head coach Vince Lombardi, suggesting a “Hall of Fame” should be made to educate tourists about the Packers and their history. Lombardi gave Brault his approval, and according to Brault, as he left, Lombardi called out to him, “Don’t screw it up!”

The Hall contains a vast array of Packers memorabilia, a re-creation of Vince Lombardi’s office, plaques representing each of the inductees and the Lombardi trophies from Green Bay’s four Super Bowl wins. As of 2016, the Packers Hall of Fame has inducted 157 people, 24 of whom have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

2. City Stadium citystadium City Stadium, located on the north side of the Green Bay East High School property, was the home of the Green Bay Packers of the NFL from 1925 through 1956. Renovated and downsized, City Stadium remains the home of East High.



1. Lambeau Field – lamb16_topIt’s the NFL’s most historic stadium, the Yankee Stadium of the NFL, home to the best fans in the NFL and one of the most storied franchises in sports, the Green Bay Packers. Lambeau Field has been the home of the Green Bay Packers for more than five decades and four Super Bowl Champion teams.

10 “Must Visit” Locations for Packers Fans

3 thoughts on “10 “Must Visit” Locations for Packers Fans

  1. amberella87 says:

    These are all great suggestions! I send people to some of these places all the time when they ask for something to do while they are staying here


  2. zacharyzaroff says:

    Great for packer fans or people just visiting Green Bay in general. Let’s face it, GB isn’t exactly the town you go to for it’s bustling city life/big events. The biggest appeal we have are the Packers. That being said, downtown GB is starting to pick up quite a bit. There’s a lot more people hanging around the City Deck now than ever before, not to mention it’s where you find Al’s Hamburgers.


  3. labermi says:

    Thank you for writing about these suggestions and facts on Green Bay, especially Packer-related attractions such as the Hall of Fame, Ray Nitchke Field, etc. I always recommend the attractions to Green Bay tourists, friends, and family. Lombardi Ave for the first time is a blast to check out for first-timers with all the Packer-related events leading into gamedays. I went to the Festival of Lights celebration at Lambeau the night before a game I attended, and it was a blast. I love gamedays and football at Green Bay (never gets old).
    The one restaurant I never knew about in Downtown Green Bay was Al’s Hamburgers. The place looks very unique (old-fashioned), and the burgers sound DELICIOUS at 10:15 AM. I am going to try it out one night! The downtown keeps expanding due to Packer-related events!
    Green Bay would basically be nothing without the Packers since it is one of the smallest cities I have been to, and the nightlife is nothing like Chicago, New York, etc without our beloved Packers!


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