How to Enjoy Playing the World’s Greatest Sport

There are many ways in which one can play soccer.  You could be the powerhouse player who does nothing except bully his or her way past opponents, or you could be the finesse kind of player, who uses skills and moves more gracefully down the field.  Whichever kind of player you choose to be is, of course, your personal preference.  However, there is only one true correct way to enjoy this sport; passionately.

If a player doesn’t enjoy playing, then he/she will never be able to truly enjoy this sport.  Speaking from experience, this is a sport where you must have fun and be happy with what you are doing, or you’ll never experience the true wonder that is European football.  Whether you choose become one of the billions of fans that watch the games, or to become a player yourself, there are things that every person should know.

If you decide on becoming a soccer player, then you should first think about why you like this sport.  Is it because it’s the world’s most popular sport? Or maybe it’s because you enjoy running with an objective (and not getting beaten up like in the NFL).  Whatever your reason may be, you should actually enjoy the sport you are going to be playing.  Once it’s decided on why this sport, you then have to pick a position to play.  Now, this is going to take some tests because you can’t enjoy this sport while playing a position you aren’t good at.  Take a few practice sessions, maybe even a few games, and try out each position to see what fits your personal playing style.  If you find that you are a natural at shooting the ball, then a striker or forward position would be ideal.  If you like the feeling you get when the opposing team can’t seem to get past you, then a center or outside back position will be perfect.

Regardless of the position chosen, your body must be “soccer ready.”  What is meant by that is you can’t ignore your upper body strength.  Some people tend to think that soccer players have weak upper body strength but that is rarely ever the case.  Obviously strong leg muscles, as well as a strong core are essential to being a successful player, but upper body strength is also important because it means you won’t get pushed around as easily and you can hold your ground. You may even knock a few people over, which can also be a relatively satisfying feeling.

If you don’t want to play, or decide that you just aren’t meant for it, you can always be a fan who watches games.  There aren’t really steps to becoming a fan, other than selecting the team that you find most interesting (in terms of the players and overall success you find satisfactory).  The same rules apply to becoming a player as they do to becoming a fan.  You must enjoy this sport, because if you don’t then you won’t truly understand why you’re even watching or playing.  Think about why this sport interests you, and if you come to the conclusion that you don’t really care about it, then find something else to peak your interest.  Just know that you are missing out on the world’s most popular sport, and the chance to see why some people refer to it as “more than just a sport.”

How to Enjoy Playing the World’s Greatest Sport

Anxiety is a Beast, Tame it From Within

5 Hacks to get Through Your Attack


What is anxiety? Hold on, let me overthink about it.

Having an anxiety disorder is more than simply worrying too much about something. It’s a mental and physical stress response that at times can be uncontrollable. Sometimes what starts as a generalized thought turns into overthinking. Which then ends up with you in a panic attack, sweating, clutching your chest, collapsed on the floor because you couldn’t breathe and were too dizzy to stand anymore. Your mind suddenly has 1,372 tabs open in its internet window. You feel like that moment where you trip on the stairs and don’t know if you’re going to catch yourself or not. That junk drawer full of memories, thoughts, and fears you’ve had since you were three was dumped out and turned on spin cycle. Everyone’s experiences and ranges of symptoms vary, but you can probably grasp the idea. Things can get cray-cray pretty quickly.


Not only do you have to try to calm your racing thoughts down, you have to somehow tell your body to calm itself down too. That sounds easy in theory, but actually think about it. Your hand uncontrollably shakes and you’re supposed to what, yell at it to stop? Your heart starts racing, you can’t catch your breath, you start to get dizzy and you’re supposed to wave a magic wand to all of a sudden “calm down”? It’s just not that easy!

Having been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder for over a decade, I’ve had plenty of experience in trying to tame that beast known as anxiety. Every encounter is still a struggle. But it gets a little easier once you learn a few tricks to help you get through your attack. I’m going to share with you a few tricks I’ve learned along my journey.


This sounds so simple, but I can’t tell you how many times I forget to do it! Your mind gets so overwhelmed with the chaos going on in your head that your body forgets to breathe. I’ve found my yoga and meditation practices to have really helped instill the importance and techniques of deep, cognizant breathing. Focus on the breath, not on your thoughts.


While trying to focus on your breath, I find counting to be soothing and gives you something else to focus on rather than your impending feeling of doom. I usually count to 4 or 5 and then start over. Focusing on my breathing at the same time. If counting doesn’t appeal to you, try slowly repeating anything you find an interest in. If cute puppies and kittens are your thing, go ahead and repeat “cute puppies and cute kittens” over and over to yourself. The idea is to focus not on your thoughts or panic symptoms but something that will distract you.


List off what is actually happening and what you can and can’t do about it. When you vocalize what is actually going on, you can get a better grasp of the reality of it. Sometimes thoughts tend to go a little haywire, out of control and unrealistic. By stating the facts one by one, you can bring yourself down from the worked-up tizzy you put yourself in and get an improved perception of your situation.

Don’t Fight it, Guide it.

The more you feed a panic attack, the bigger it will get. Try to relax, count and breathe those deep breaths and try to not feed into the fear. It’s easier said than done of course, but the more you panic, the worse the symptoms will get. You can guide yourself slowly by not focusing on what is going on at the moment. Visualize someplace that calms you and relaxes you. Put yourself there and focus on your imagined happiness. Sitting on a beach in the sunshine sure sounds better than being curled up in a ball sweating on the floor with strangers staring at you doesn’t it? Imagine that happy place.


This is quite possibly the best one. It works wonders! If your go-to funny people aren’t conveniently right next to you, it helps to keep a stash of things that make you laugh readily accessible. I do this with the App Pinterest on my phone. I pin things that I find funny all on one board so that I can get to it easily when I need to. It helps to relax the overworked nerves and distract me from my attack.

Whatever it is you take away from this post, I hope it includes a realization that it’s an extreme effort to calm yourself down during an anxiety attack. Please be kind to yourself and remember that it may be difficult but it is not your fault!

Anxiety is a Beast, Tame it From Within

Why You’ll Love Biking the Backroads of Sister Bay

Door County is a biker’s paradise

Remember that feeling you had as a kid, when you got on your bike and you were absolutely free?! Well, I have discovered that feeling again – as a grown up, biking Door County Wisconsin’s backroads, where there are no stoplights, and you can just ride… I have gotten lost countless times, and in doing so discovered something I really love. Biking gives you a perspective you cannot get from behind the wheel of an automobile. You can go at your own pace and take in beautiful scenery that would get overlooked flying by at 60 mph. You don’t observe things quite the same way through a car window, as you do while riding a bike.


“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

If you’re not familiar with Door County, it’s a narrow peninsula in northeastern Wisconsin, dotted with picturesque small towns and more than 3oo miles of rocky shoreline. The inland is mostly farms, fields, stands of trees and miles of winding open road, making it the perfect place for biking! Cell service can be spotty up here though, and it is easy to lose your way. I have have mapped a route for intermediate bikers highlighting choice spots in Sister Bay, that will keep you off busy roads, and offer a glimpse of what makes this place so unique. Hopefully, you will embrace the spirit of adventure, take a detour and discover something noteworthy and new.


Hwy Q > Woodcrest Road > Old Stage Road

This 16 plus mile loop takes you from the eastern edge of Ephraim, to the back roads of Sister Bay. We’ll begin at the intersection of 57 and Q where there is a cluster of little shops and galleries worth checking out before or after your ride. Cloud Nine Juice Bar and Cafe, newly opened in July 2017, is located here and is quickly becoming one of my favorites! From the intersection, head east on Hwy Q for about a mile, and take a left on Woodcrest Road. After a mile hang a right on Old Stage Road and follow that for a steady four miles curving left around the bend. As you roll along, notice how big the sky feels with nothing to obstruct your view, and become utterly immersed in the sights and sounds around you.


Old Stage Road > Hwy ZZ

Take a right on Hwy ZZ, which will send you over to the ‘lake side.’ This will be a gentle incline, no big hills on this ride, although there are many in Door County, particularly on Hwy 42. After about a mile, look for North Bay Road Farms, a quaint little roadside produce stand. Depending on the season, you might score veggies picked fresh from nearby fields, or a bouquet of sunflowers – I hope you brought a backpack, and cash. It’s the honor system, so dollar bills will come in handy too.

FullSizeRender 38

Why ZZ > Waters End Road

As you round the curve and head north up Hwy ZZ, you may want to consider taking a little detour and stopping for a swim at Sand Bay Town Park, one of the less well-known (read: ‘no tourists’) beaches in the area. This is the halfway point, and most scenic location on the route to take a break, even if just to enjoy the view of Lake Michigan. Instead of turning left on Waters End Road, go right for an easy mile and a half, and look for the signs to Sand Bay. You will most likely have the place to yourself! Take my advice and bring a blanket and a swim suit. This is a lovely spot to chill, and let the sound of waves lull you into a relaxed state, while you soak up some sunshine.

FullSizeRender 43

Waters End Road > Old Stage Road > Woodcrest Road

When you’re ready to press on, head west (away from the water) on Water’s End Road for about a mile and a half and turn left, or south down Old Stage Road. When you get to Hwy ZZ turn right. Keep your eye out for the farm with all the goats, you can’t miss it because there are at least thirty of them (and llamas too!) and they bleat, which can sound like babies crying. On this stretch you will continue to coast gently downhill past the most beautifully maintained barns and orchards. Hang a left on Woodcrest Road at the red barn, which almost looks surreal, like a picture postcard.


Woodcraft Road > Old Stage Road > Orchard Road

You might be tempted to stop and take photos at this intersection, but you’ll lose the momentum needed to climb the upcoming hill. There is no shame in walking your bike, and fear not, the end is in sight. Press on, and turn right on Old Stage, and then left on Orchard, and right on Q again, where you will recognize your surroundings. You are back where you started, hopefully having fallen in love with the beauty of Sister Bay!


Orchard Road > Hwy Q > Hwy 57

At this point, I’d recommend anything on the menu at Cloud Nine Juice Bar & Cafe, because you have certainly earned it! It’s a wonderful place to refuel and revitalize with organic, locally sourced, non-GMO fruit and cold pressed veggie juices and smoothies. The young couple who owns it is expanding their menu, and making it their mission to spread the word about clean eating. Relax in the serene minimalist setting inside or outside by the garden, and be sure to check out the stunning photography on display, while you ‘get your juice on.’


I hope you enjoy the ride, and above all… the journey! Check back soon to see more featured routes in Sister Bay, Fish Creek, Ephraim and Baileys Harbor ~ and leave a comment if you have suggestions, or a destination you’d like to see incorporated into a route. I’ll scope it out! Please also remember to stay hydrated, and wear a helmet.

Satellite map & links:

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 8.53.45 PM

Why You’ll Love Biking the Backroads of Sister Bay

The best scents of fall.

Do you feel that? There was a sudden dip in the temperature. Mine, really, but definitely noticeable enough for me to opt out of shorts and opt in to some jeans. I may as well grab a jacket on my way out for good measure. I can’t say that I mind. I love jackets. Oh, no, maybe a sweater! I’m not prepared for this decision.

It’s as if summer just discovered the “Irish Goodbye” and snuck out the back door. Wait. That would mean…yeah. It’s FALL!

Sorry Summer, but this girl is about to put her fuzziest socks on, steal her boyfriends hoodie, and cozy up to a pumpkin flavored life. I can’t wait to get home and light all of the candles. Literally. All of them.

Here is a look into the soft spot in my heart held specifically for fall scented candles.


1.Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin


I really like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin because of the strong smell of apples and spices. I absolutely love apple cider and apple picking and going to a pumpkin patch with friends and family.


2.Sweater Weather


Sweater weather is one I enjoy because it smells like you’re walking through the woods in the morning. It brings back some of my favorite memories I have as a child from being at my cabin and waking up to my family all outside and taking walks on the trails with my family. If you enjoy the outdoors this is one I recommend.


3.Bourbon Maple


Maple wood is one of my favorite scents which is why I enjoy Bourbon Maple so much. It reminds me of the trees changing, which is THE best part of fall. Taking trips up to door county or my cabin in the fall was the best part and still is.


4.Crisp Morning Air



Crisp Morning Air is a very fresh scent and is a mixture between white oak, golden amber wood and soft sandalwood. This candle is like walking outside early in the morning and just feeling that cold crisp breeze on your face and breathing in that fresh autumn air.




Flannel is crisp autumn air, heirloom mahogany, and soft musk. Probably one of my favorites because Mahogany Teakwood is one of the best candles out there and it has a strong scent of that in it. It smells kind of literally like my boyfriends sweatshirts. THE best scent ever. Whenever I’m doing homework or binge watching a Netflix series I most likely have this candle lit.


6. Marshmallow Fireside


Marshmallow Fireside is a mix between fire roasted vanilla, toasted marshmallow and smoldering woods which sounds like heaven. This scent will make you wish you were sitting next to a campfire roasting marshmallows with your friends.


All of these scents can be found at Bath and Body Works, which is my favorite place to buy fall candles because they really go all out with every season. All of the 3 wick candles can be purchased for $22.50 each unless there is a sale going on of course. Having these scents around my house definitely makes it feel like home and brings peace into my life.


The best scents of fall.

How to Set up for a Camera when Filming for Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League

Be Seen in the Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League!

Are you a high school basketball player or do you know a high school basketball player who wants to play college basketball?  If so, join the Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League!  You might be wondering…What is the Fish Bowl?  The Fish Bowl is a month long event where college or technical school bound students/basketball players from Northeast Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and surrounding areas play in a basketball league during one of the college viewing periods.  Recruiters from sixteen colleges have committed to viewing players in this league in its first season.  The Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League is open to all boys or girls basketball players for 4 weeks on Sunday evenings (September 24 through October 15) to improve their overall basketball skills, and to have a great opportunity to be scouted by college coaches.  Some of the college coaches that have attend this league so far have included Marian University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Silver Lake College, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Bay Community College, Fox Valley Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin – Manitowoc.

My stepdad, Chris Harris, formed this Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League to take place at Green Bay West High School located on Shawano Avenue in Green Bay, WI.  He  asked me to help with the videography and upload video on a YouTube Channel so that coaches and players can view the video whenever they wish.  He offered me a paid internship.  Once selected for this internship opportunity I have been committed, dedicated, and coachable as an intern.  I have worked both of the events so far which have taken place on Sunday, September 24th and again on Sunday, October 1st.

In order to do this work, I must know how to set up a camera when being a Videographer for the Wisconsin Fish Bowl League. Other people could work as an intern in the future if they follow the steps below to first record the video.  

URL LINKS: The Fish Bowl League Website


How to Set Up a Samsung HD Camera for the Wisconsin Fish Bowl League:

  • First, DO NOT FORGET to take the camera, charger and extra storage to the location for filming (e.g. Green Bay West High School).
  • Arrive 25 minutes early to set up camera in the gymnasium.
  • Set up tripod in the upper level of the gym for the best view.
  • Remove camera from the camera bag.
  • Pull the legs of the tripod out to set it up then screw the camera into the camera tripod.
  • When camera is screwed in all the way turn on the camera.
  • Test record during warm ups before the FIRST fish bowl league game around the basketball court to ensure everything is working correctly.  
  • If test record is successful, make sure the camera is plugged in before the starting lineup of the league games to ensure the battery does not die during the league games.  
  • Make sure your camera and tripod are FULLY FUNCTIONING before first Sunday league game begins.
  • Record the game, with the exception of time-outs and half-time.
  • Lastly contact Matthew LaBerge at 715-853-9522 or for any additional questions.
  • Thank You for assisting with the Wisconsin Fish Bowl League!

The next Blog will include directions about how to download the video from the camera and then upload the video onto YouTube.

Camera pic 1


Making Firefox Great

So today I’mFireFoxBanner telling everyone about my new favorite internet browser Firefox.  Yes, that’s right I said Firefox.  It just so happens that I made this switch in the last week because I was starting to have problems with chrome that I was just getting sick of.  One of the most annoying issues that I kept running into with chrome was when I use the text editor for our discussion boards on blackboard.  Every time I would click what was the last place I left off in my writing on the editor, the cursor wouldn’t move until I clicked somewhere on the editor that had text already and then move the cursor using the arrows.  Getting Firefox has fixed this issue for me, which is one nuisance that I will not have to work with again on chrome.  Anyways, today I’m going to be going over Firefox installation and the Add-ons that make Firefox great for me and may also work out great for you.  The first thing you will need to do if you don’t already have Firefox installed, is get it installed on your computer.  You can install Firefox by clicking on the following link: and then clicking on the free download button and going through the usually steps to install a program onto your computer (I’m using a WINDOWS 10 PC and I’m not sure if all of these Add-ons will work with a MAC). Here’s a list of the Add-on extensions that I use and believe will help make your internet experience maybe just a little better:

  • Beyond Australis: This is a great extension, it’s more of a theme/user interface add-on.  What it does is get rid of the URL bar at the top along with anything else and just leaves the tabs at the top making the Interface very slim and giving you more of screen space to use for the web sites you’re looking at.  Also, there’s no need to worry if you like having the URL bar at the top of your browser, because as soon as you hover over to the tabs at the top the full user interface including the URL bar, tabs and the settings and extension buttons pops up until you hover off it.  This Add-On is by far one of my favorite extensions making my user interface as minimal as possible.  You can find this extension at the following link:
  • Dark Theme for Google: What this extension does is makes all the backgrounds on all your google searches and contacts dark with a nice blue and gray text to make it feel nice and easy on the eyes instead of a bright white.  You can find this extension at the following link:
  • Enhancer for YouTube: This extension is another great theme/user interface app but only changes and add a bunch of features to YouTube for you.  Such as, you can change the background to a number of different color themes, and you can add cinema mode as a view options which allows you to watch the videos on the page with just the video and the rest of the page blacked out in the background.  It also allows you to change the size of you video while you’re watching in theater mode.  You can find this extension at the following link:
  • uBlock Origin: Happens to be the best ad-blocking software that I have found for any internet browser.  They just so happen to keep their software up to date very frequently making sure that their blocker should always work.  You can find this extension at the following link:

The following extensions for Firefox happen to be 4 add-ons that I find will help make anybody’s internet browsing experience quite more enjoyable.  There happens to be thousands of extensions and add-ons for the Firefox browser, you can even add quite a few of the chrome extensions, from google chromes add-ons website using an app called Chrome Store Foxified.

For Next week I will be going over how to install and use the Chrome Add-ons on your Firefox browser.  Additionally,  I will be going over a few more Firefox add-ons that will make your internet experience a bit better

Making Firefox Great

To Wear or Not to Wear……Clothing for Photo Shoots

You’ve selected a photographer and a great location for family photos but what do you wear? Picking clothing for a photo shoot can be difficult and overwhelming especially when dealing with multiple people in the photo. Do you go casual or dressy and how do you keep it interesting and still have your family be the star of the photos.

Dressy or Casual?

Going casual or dressy is really a preference on what feeling you want to portray. If you want a classy, elegant feel to your photos, going dressed up is the way to go. If you want a more laid back, relaxed feeling then casual clothes is a better choice. Any location works with dressy or casual clothing options. It’s more of what you prefer.

Match Room Décor

There are several different ways to pick a color scheme for your clothing for photos. One is to pull colors from the room you are planning on hanging the photos in. If you have red and gray in the room, have accents of red in the photos to coordinate with the room design.

Red clothingRed clothing boyred clothing girlred clothing men

Contrast Room Décor

Another way is to use a contrasting color to what colors in the room that you are going to use the photos. If you have yellow in your room décor, you can wear it’s contrasting color purple or have hints of purple in your photos.

purple boyspurple girlspurple menpurple woman



Pattern Mixing

Mixing patterns is a fun way to show your personality and keep the images interesting. Although you need to be careful mixing patterns (it can be distracting and a disaster if not done correctly), if done properly, it can add interest to the photos and look very polished and put together. Using large and small prints in the same color family is a great way to do this. For example, mixing a large plaid with a small flower pattern both in hues of blue can look awesome and interesting.

mixed boysmixed girlsmixed menMixed woman

Contrast Those Colors

If you want to make a bold statement with your photos, you can dress in contrasting colors, such as blue and orange or purple and yellow. Try to stick with contrasting colors on the color wheel so that your photos still look good. Pairing green and orange rarely works well. It does a make a bold statement but probably not the one you want.

contrast boyscontrast girlscontrast mencontrast woman


Oldie but Goody

If you are looking for timeless, classic photos, you can’t go wrong with black, red, white and gray. This color palette is good for holidays or if you are just looking for an easy, stylish color combination.

classic boysclassic girlsclassic mensclassic womans


Brighten Up Your Photos

When choosing bright colors, try to choose only one bright color and pair with neutrals to not have the clothing overshadow the people in the photo. Keep in mind the people are supposed to be highlighted in family photos not the clothing.

bright boysbright gitlsbright menbright woman


The most versatile color combination for family outfits is to go all neutrals. Mixing creams, grays, tans and shades of blush look very soft and clean. Everyone looks good in these colors and its pretty fail proof to match neutrals.

neutral boyneutral girlneutral manneutral woman


You matter most!! 

In the end, the most important thing to consider when selecting clothing for a photo shoot is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you’re wearing. The people and the memories are more important than the clothes that you choose.

C Avery Photography


To Wear or Not to Wear……Clothing for Photo Shoots