Growth in Experience

Wake Surfing

Experiencing New Things

I have always been a thrill seeker trying to find those new things that I have attempted to do before. My favorite times are those experiences that aren’t planned. When life throws opportunities to do something new for the first time I normally jump at them. Over the years I have found that it’s important for me to be a well-rounded individual that can use these experiences to help shape oneself into the best person they can be. As I have collected these new experiences it becomes harder and harder to find something new in the area to do. Recently I have found that I have been very proactive in getting other people to try new things. That first time in trying something can never be duplicated even if it’s a bad experience. The life we are given needs to be used to its fullest and that means we need to get out there and try these new things when we can.

This summer I found something as simple as wake surfing to be one of the most enjoyable things to share with friends and people I don’t know. We have a group of individuals that surf every week and through the group we get a collective colleague of people together that either have never experienced surfing or just want to go for a boat ride and watch. Now surfing is very harmless sport that requires almost no skill, per say, to accomplish. We have had individuals as old as 60 years down 12 years old trying to surf. The experience as a whole has brought a smile to almost everyone’s face and knowing that we can bring joy to someone doing something so simple is worth it. That ability to makes someone else’s day through such a small act is the meaning that we really need to focus on. Everyone should look to do those small things for someone else instead of for ourselves because it creates a bigger self-awareness of those around us.

In summary I find that there are a couple steps in which one person should go about seeking out some new adventure. First trying something for the first time requires courage. This means that even though you may be doing something that is uncomfortable push through that barrier. Secondly trying something new means the possibility that you might actually enjoy this new experience. Crazy to think about right, enjoying something that might scare you? The ability to try new things will also keep you active and not bored. The final step in trying something new is growth. The ability to try something new gives new meaning and feelings to way you feel about things. An experience can change and even shape the way we go about or daily lives. Let’s just take an extreme example….When someone has a near death experience they may forever be changed physically and mentally by this, not because of physical harm done but the emotional experience attached to it. The growth I feel is the most important part of an experience; make yourself the most well rounded person you can so you can be the best person you want to be. Experiences only help you understand more about life and more about the limits of oneself.


Growth in Experience

One thought on “Growth in Experience

  1. Hi Jordan,
    I love your perspective, and it made me think I’m playing it too safe. So here goes, I want to go kite surfing! And wow, I was shocked to read in the article you linked to, “studies suggest we fear an unknown outcome more than we do a known bad one.” Ugh that is such a bummer! Great read, and thanks for making me think about this.


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