How to be the best maid of honor EVER!

It happened, your sister/best friend or best friend/sister is FINALLY getting married to the man of her dreams. Not only are you beyond excited for her to spend the rest of her life with her prince charming she asked YOU to be her maid of honor. Now that you have officially been asked to be the bride’s go-to lady,  you need to get to work!

I have been the maid of honor of two weddings, a bridesmaid in one wedding and a personal attendant in another. Plus I have attended at least 22 weddings in the last three years. I have seen maid of honors succeed and I have seen them fail miserably. Let’s not let that happen to you.  Here are 7 tips to help you be crowned the best maid of honor EVER by the Queen bride and King Groom.


#1 –Always offer to help


You were asked to be the bride’s right-hand lady and because of that always offer to help. Offer to go Hobby Lobby with her and pick out the perfect chalkboard. Offer to go shopping with her to find her wedding dress, bachelorette party dress, bridal shower dress, rehearsal dinner dress, and her shoes too. Let her know about DJ’s that you or your friends used in the past and get their contact information if she is struggling. If she has craft project bring over a pizza and a bottle of wine for before and after you are done crafting.


#2-Keep the Bride tribe informed


You will be seeing the bride the most (out of the bridesmaids) and talking about every single wedding detail. When information needs to be shared with the wedding party and the bride is stressed start a group message. Then tell the bride that you will relay the message. Remember you are here to help and make her wedding planning as stress-free as possible.

Also, when the other bridesmaids offer to help LET THEM HELP YOU. If they want to bring food to the bachelorette party or bridal shower, let them! If they have some extra money and would like to pitch in, let them! If they want to decorate the hall for the bridal shower, let them! They want the bride to have the perfect wedding too, so LET THE HELP.


#3 – Know your responsibilities



Are you planning the bachelorette party solo or do the bridesmaids need to be involved in all of the plans? Are you planning the bridal shower or would the mother of the bride like some help? Where do you need to be and when?

Ask the questions and never assume you are or aren’t doing something. You don’t want to step on someone else’s toes but you don’t want to drop the ball either.

***IMPORTANT***   Remember that you will probably be spending the most money compared to the other bridesmaids. This is just the nature of the job, but I know you don’t mind. You would do anything for the bride, that’s why she asked you to be the maid of honor. 

#4-Make an emergency kit (s)


I have made three different emergency kits for each wedding day. One kit is for the day of the wedding that I carried around with me while getting ready before the wedding, one the bus, and while taking pictures. The other two emergency kits are put into a basket and placed in the men and women’s bathroom.

If you want to really go above and beyond, get the emergency kit supplies early enough that you can bring it to the bachelorette party and bridal shower. (Pictured above) This way you are truly prepared at all wedding-related activities.

I went to the dollar store to buy most of the supplies and didn’t spend more than $35 on each kit. This small detail was appreciated not only by the bride and groom but also the bridal party and wedding guests.

Here is the list of items to purchase for the emergency kit or kits. If you decide to make one for the men’s restroom don’t worry about the buying everything on the list. Only things that men might actually need.



If you want to add another small touch, print off signs and put them in front of the bathroom emergency kit baskets. This way everyone attending the wedding knows that the baskets are for them to use.

Other bathroom emergency kit sign ideas can be found at

I can’t tell you how much the bride, groom, wedding party, and partygoers appreciated these kits.

#5- Keep the bride out of the drama


There is always bridal party drama. Keep it all on the down low until after the wedding.  The bride is stressed enough as it is and doesn’t need to know about Kim ordering her dress a size smaller than what she really is because she is hoping to lose weight.  Tell your bride after she had the best day of her life. This way she can find these small details funny instead of stressing her out even more.


#6- Always have the bride’s favorite things



If she loves s’more pop tarts and Sprite always have a box of s’mores pop tarts and a cooler full of Sprite. These small gestures will mean the world to the bride and she will feel so grateful and lucky to have you as her maid of honor.




This day will not only be one of the best days of the bride and groom’s life but also a day that you and the bride will always reference. So soak in every moment, be as helpful as possible and enjoy the day. Plus, when you are having fun other people will feed off your energy.


I hope these tips will help you be crowned the best maid of honor of all the land.

Good luck and enjoy the wedding!


10 thoughts on “How to be the best maid of honor EVER!

  1. lucasbaron says:

    Awesome blog post Molly. What an informative read for me. I like how you incorporated a lot of your own photos in each section. I have NEVER been to a wedding, how weird and hilarious is that. Although, my time is soon to come! I have a wedding coming up sooner than I know it, and apparently I was chosen to be one of the Ushers. Maybe you will, and maybe you wont…….But would you possibly have any tips? I’m not worried about it at all, but I figure any knowledge from a wedding master couldn’t hurt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mollyschroeder116 says:

      Thanks, Lucas!
      Being an usher is such a low-stress wedding job. You get to hand out programs and help older ladies to their seats. The weddings that I have been to have all had the Ushers in photos and that means they get to partake in all of the wedding party activities. This past weekend was the first time I saw a wedding from a groomsmen side because my boyfriend stood up. My tip for you is to just offer up to help when everyone else seems lost. For example, if one of the groomsmen can’t be found while taking photos go find him and let him know that he is needed for a photo ASAP.
      Have fun at the wedding Lucas. I have yet to go to a wedding and not have a great time.


  2. I really enjoyed the post Molly, and your photos are terrific! #5 really resonated with me… people react so differently to stress, and keeping the bride out of any unnecessary drama is sage advice, but it requires a great deal of skill and tact. Not always easy, right?! Nicely written, and you exuded a lot of fun, another great bit of advice… If the bride is having fun, everyone else will pick up on that!

    Liked by 1 person

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