Making Firefox Great

So today I’mFireFoxBanner telling everyone about my new favorite internet browser Firefox.  Yes, that’s right I said Firefox.  It just so happens that I made this switch in the last week because I was starting to have problems with chrome that I was just getting sick of.  One of the most annoying issues that I kept running into with chrome was when I use the text editor for our discussion boards on blackboard.  Every time I would click what was the last place I left off in my writing on the editor, the cursor wouldn’t move until I clicked somewhere on the editor that had text already and then move the cursor using the arrows.  Getting Firefox has fixed this issue for me, which is one nuisance that I will not have to work with again on chrome.  Anyways, today I’m going to be going over Firefox installation and the Add-ons that make Firefox great for me and may also work out great for you.  The first thing you will need to do if you don’t already have Firefox installed, is get it installed on your computer.  You can install Firefox by clicking on the following link: and then clicking on the free download button and going through the usually steps to install a program onto your computer (I’m using a WINDOWS 10 PC and I’m not sure if all of these Add-ons will work with a MAC). Here’s a list of the Add-on extensions that I use and believe will help make your internet experience maybe just a little better:

  • Beyond Australis: This is a great extension, it’s more of a theme/user interface add-on.  What it does is get rid of the URL bar at the top along with anything else and just leaves the tabs at the top making the Interface very slim and giving you more of screen space to use for the web sites you’re looking at.  Also, there’s no need to worry if you like having the URL bar at the top of your browser, because as soon as you hover over to the tabs at the top the full user interface including the URL bar, tabs and the settings and extension buttons pops up until you hover off it.  This Add-On is by far one of my favorite extensions making my user interface as minimal as possible.  You can find this extension at the following link:
  • Dark Theme for Google: What this extension does is makes all the backgrounds on all your google searches and contacts dark with a nice blue and gray text to make it feel nice and easy on the eyes instead of a bright white.  You can find this extension at the following link:
  • Enhancer for YouTube: This extension is another great theme/user interface app but only changes and add a bunch of features to YouTube for you.  Such as, you can change the background to a number of different color themes, and you can add cinema mode as a view options which allows you to watch the videos on the page with just the video and the rest of the page blacked out in the background.  It also allows you to change the size of you video while you’re watching in theater mode.  You can find this extension at the following link:
  • uBlock Origin: Happens to be the best ad-blocking software that I have found for any internet browser.  They just so happen to keep their software up to date very frequently making sure that their blocker should always work.  You can find this extension at the following link:

The following extensions for Firefox happen to be 4 add-ons that I find will help make anybody’s internet browsing experience quite more enjoyable.  There happens to be thousands of extensions and add-ons for the Firefox browser, you can even add quite a few of the chrome extensions, from google chromes add-ons website using an app called Chrome Store Foxified.

For Next week I will be going over how to install and use the Chrome Add-ons on your Firefox browser.  Additionally,  I will be going over a few more Firefox add-ons that will make your internet experience a bit better

Making Firefox Great

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