How to Enjoy Playing the World’s Greatest Sport

There are many ways in which one can play soccer.  You could be the powerhouse player who does nothing except bully his or her way past opponents, or you could be the finesse kind of player, who uses skills and moves more gracefully down the field.  Whichever kind of player you choose to be is, of course, your personal preference.  However, there is only one true correct way to enjoy this sport; passionately.

If a player doesn’t enjoy playing, then he/she will never be able to truly enjoy this sport.  Speaking from experience, this is a sport where you must have fun and be happy with what you are doing, or you’ll never experience the true wonder that is European football.  Whether you choose become one of the billions of fans that watch the games, or to become a player yourself, there are things that every person should know.

If you decide on becoming a soccer player, then you should first think about why you like this sport.  Is it because it’s the world’s most popular sport? Or maybe it’s because you enjoy running with an objective (and not getting beaten up like in the NFL).  Whatever your reason may be, you should actually enjoy the sport you are going to be playing.  Once it’s decided on why this sport, you then have to pick a position to play.  Now, this is going to take some tests because you can’t enjoy this sport while playing a position you aren’t good at.  Take a few practice sessions, maybe even a few games, and try out each position to see what fits your personal playing style.  If you find that you are a natural at shooting the ball, then a striker or forward position would be ideal.  If you like the feeling you get when the opposing team can’t seem to get past you, then a center or outside back position will be perfect.

Regardless of the position chosen, your body must be “soccer ready.”  What is meant by that is you can’t ignore your upper body strength.  Some people tend to think that soccer players have weak upper body strength but that is rarely ever the case.  Obviously strong leg muscles, as well as a strong core are essential to being a successful player, but upper body strength is also important because it means you won’t get pushed around as easily and you can hold your ground. You may even knock a few people over, which can also be a relatively satisfying feeling.

If you don’t want to play, or decide that you just aren’t meant for it, you can always be a fan who watches games.  There aren’t really steps to becoming a fan, other than selecting the team that you find most interesting (in terms of the players and overall success you find satisfactory).  The same rules apply to becoming a player as they do to becoming a fan.  You must enjoy this sport, because if you don’t then you won’t truly understand why you’re even watching or playing.  Think about why this sport interests you, and if you come to the conclusion that you don’t really care about it, then find something else to peak your interest.  Just know that you are missing out on the world’s most popular sport, and the chance to see why some people refer to it as “more than just a sport.”

How to Enjoy Playing the World’s Greatest Sport

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