How to Build up Personality in an Interview

The number one thing to remember in a interview is practice, practice, practice. Think of what you will be talking about in the interview. Either sides of the interview don’t be nervous, be calm, cool and collected. Ask good question that relate to something that you are curious about for the position, pay, benefits, hours of work. Review the job posting, research the industry and company. Clarify your points of view towards the company. Prepare for common interview questions and concerns. Score a success in the first five minutes. Be assertive and take responsibility for the interview. With these tips and tricks I will be defining them a little bit more in the next couple paragraphs.

Practice makes perfect. Having the right mindset and having a clear head to talk in the right tone of voice to the interviewer. Once you practice and you succeed you will feel confident in yourself that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Also rehearing another form of practicing would help get that job that you’ve been searching for. You will do great when you become prepared for your interview. Practice, practice, practice is the key to success.

Think and speak clearly. Having a clear head makes all the difference when it comes to scoring that job that you’ve been wanting. Also, having positive vibes will make all the difference as well. That will show the interviewer that you are interested and looking forward to potentially work with them or for them in the near future. If they ask for what your strengths and weaknesses are, just be honest, employers love honesty that shows them on who the type of person you are.

Congrats. You have reached interview day. Don’t forget your resumé now. Printing out 2 copies, one for you and one for the interviewer will give them a visual on what you have done for employment in the past couple years. Here is a tip: do not put down employers that you only worked for 1 month or less, that might put a thought in the interviewers mind that you potentially can’t stick with a job for too long. Put down on your resumé something that looks appealing and pops out to the interviewers eye. Something like your hobby and that could be good use for the potential job. It will make it worth while for the extra things on your resumé to look appealing to the employer.

“Tell me about yourself” question might come up in the interview. Don’t get nervous, you are well prepared and you got this. Have your answers ready and you will do great. Having enthusiasm and body language will show them that you have great potential in working for them and they would be more than happy to have you on their team. Another tip for interviews, if you don’t get the job, that’s okay. That’s not saying you are never going to get a job, they just chose someone with a little more experience for the right position in the job. Look for a good company or business that you have interest for and it will click when you have found the right one. It will all pay off in the end, pun intended.

How to Build up Personality in an Interview

Business Investing Doc. Check-List, and My Goals.

What are the point of goals? To show people or prove to yourself that you’re able to obtain them? To give yourself a path to follow so you don’t feel lost in life or your career? Pretty much everyone has some form of goal, but everyone also has their own reason, this is mine.

Growing up as a kid, you don’t often think about goals. But something I knew I wanted to do, was become was a business owner. To me, owning a business and being your own boss was the ultimate achievement. You could go to work when you want, leave when you want, nobody can tell you what to do and you have that sense of pride in ownership. As I’ve gotten older, this desire has increased. So I’ve made it a goal of mine to start saving, and start looking for current or new business/business ideas to invest in or create.

Recently, I’ve been working on building my portfolio and resume through working as an independent Marketing Consultant. I’ve talked with a couple of business owners and discussed with them about providing my consulting services to help their business and build my resume. One of the two whom I was talking with really liked the idea, and wanted to work with me. We had a couple meetings and I was at the point of building a marketing plan for his business. I struggled with how to create a plan that he would utilize, and tasks that he’d actually complete.

While thinking about a marketing plan, I thought “Why not invest so that way I can handle all the marketing aspects of the business?”. To me, it was the best way that this would work for both him and I. I get an opportunity to invest in a new business that has a great product, that has potential with a lot of work and he gets a partner to handle the Marketing. I had a meeting with the owner, discussed this with him and he was excited about the idea. I told him I needed a week or two to come up with a list of documentation that I’ll need before I can make an offer.

So this is where the goal of becoming a successful business owner seemed to be within the cross-hairs of my end goal. So throughout this time I started learning more about business investing, what information I need, and how to make a smart calculated investment. I know it takes a lot of information and money to invest into a business properly, aside from the investment itself and the risk of investing. I contacted a couple people, my sister a corporate tax accountant, and friend who owns and runs a successful business. In the end of all the learning I’ve done about this topic, this was the check-list of documentation that I

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Income Statement
  3. Cash Flow Statement
  4. Bank Statements & Reconciliations
  5. Short and Long Term Leases
  6. Proof of Compliance with all Regulatory Bodies
  7. All insurance coverage agreements
  8. Any and all legal expenses
  9. Payment Processing/Coverage Agreement
  10. All Personal or Business loans or Contracts/Agreements where the business or any business assets are used as collateral.
  11. All contracts and agreements made with the business (Website Dev, Accountant, etc.)

With this documentation, I would be able to make a fair and reasonable offer. But the interesting part about this, is how enthusiastic and seriously he took my investing into his business, until he received this list. After he received this list, he said it would take about a week maybe two for him to get everything so that I may review it. Well, two, three weeks plus have passed, and no responses to texts or calls. And that’s more than OK.

Though I spent a lot of time on this opportunity and it didn’t work out, in the end I learned a ton about business investing, and this was an awesome learning experience, that even now I feel good about have doing. No, I didn’t walk out of this opportunity as a business owner, and no I didn’t accomplish my goal, yet… But I still see this as an accomplishment in what I’ve learned that can help me in future opportunities. This goes to show, don’t let your “failures” or lack of success turn you away from your goals, let them be the learning experiences that help you achieve them!

The two following links are websites that helped me choose some of the items on my checklist. To learn more about these, follow the links below!

Business Investing Doc. Check-List, and My Goals.

The World of Creating Content

In this world of digital cyberspace where the boundaries of what is and isn’t possible are constantly being pushed and questioned…there exists a space. Lot’s of space. Space that beckons, and calls out to those with more creative thoughts inside their brains than they know what to do with. I have been quoted as saying the following: “The internet is a dreamers revolution. One that holds unprecedented potential for many who wouldn’t get a chance otherwise.”  I find it to become more and more true as times goes on.  Finally the stage has been set for us users. After many, many years of paid programming television, movies and books that might only grab our attention due to their critical acclaim, and the Internet still being fairly young in comparison, we now have something. You see the Internet has evolved into something more than just a search engine that is used to hold large arrays of information. It has given us an opportunity. The prospect of creating content! Ordinary people like you and me can now create content to be displayed and mass viewed by a large audience! Now I know it sounds like I am a little late to the party with this article, but please hold any pending judgements you have until the end. For me personally, there are two main reasons I consider the user created age of the internet to be so awesome:

  1. We get to create the content. Duh. Dry humor aside I can’t underestimate how cool it is as a user to be able to decide and deem what I find important and am passionate about and be able to share that stuff over the web. Not only is that form of control nice, but it is able to put you in touch with like minded people from all niche’ corners of the internet. The internet brings like minded people together, and creating content on any one of the SM platforms is a quick and easy way to find yourself in the company of people who like the same stuff you do. I believe the appropriate term that people use to define this type of gathering is ‘community’.
  2.  The second reason this is awesome is because of the unyielding opportunity it provides. Both from a personal satisfaction standpoint (which we have already touched upon) and from a business standpoint. “But Kerage, isn’t the internet still a bit unstable as a business entity with platforms like YouTube? And I thought the point was to have fun and do what you love anyway?” Right you are dear reader, but just hear me out on this one. When I throw around words like ‘opportunity’ I mean that in the sense that the business side of things may not be clearly defined when you first start out. Let us use YouTube as an example. Many of the channels that I subscribe to started off with humble ambitions, or no ambitions at all. They just wanted to share what they were doing creatively with other people. That creativity and passion allowed their humor and charisma to shine through their work and gained them more followers. The followers helped share and spread the word of their content. Before they knew it, some of them had huge followings of fans, others gained business brand deals, and some even merged with larger companies to move on to more ambitious projects. The point of this is that you never know who might be looking at your content, and how they might react to it. That’s what I mean when I say unyielding opportunity.

All you need is a little know how and some elbow grease. I would encourage any of the creatively inclined to give this user content creation stuff a shot. Be it through YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, personal blog or website. For anyone struggling with this, I have a few references below that you may want to check out. One from a blogger named Brian Clark who has an excellent list of “22 Ways to Create Content When You don’t have a Clue.” And even further below that I will have a an article showcasing some examples on how user generated content is re-shaping the landscape of content marketing. Until next time ladies and gents. This is Kerage, signing off.

22 Ways To Come up With Content When You Don’t Have Clue

How User Generated Content is Changing Content Marketing

The World of Creating Content

A Call to the Digital Generation: Print your Photos


One of my favorite childhood memories is my mom taking me to Walmart to get our film developed. We would go to the photo department and drop off our film canisters, and then shop around the store for an hour until our images were ready to be picked up. It was like magic when we traded our last name for envelopes full of stacks of photos. We never waited until we got home to open them, and I can’t explain the thrill of flipping through the pictures right there as I leaned over the shopping cart. I am thankful for so many things my parents did for me and my brothers growing up, but the amount of photos they took and printed has to be up there with what I am most thankful for. My mom treated our camera like a sixth member of our family that we never went anywhere without, and she made sure to catch every moment. My dad always got incredible shots.

Now, we have around 30 shoeboxes filled with those photos, and more floating around in albums and frames. I can’t count the number of times I have carried all of the boxes into my bedroom where I’ve surrounded myself with piles of photos on the floor for hours on end, admiring the memories. And every time I have done this, in every different bedroom over the years and at every stage of life, looking at those photos is what makes me feel at home, even when everything around me changes.

In fifth grade, my mom and I picked out an Olympus digital camera for my dad’s birthday present, which is kind of a joke in my family because it only really belonged to him for the first five minutes after he unwrapped it. I was obsessed with the camera and took it everywhere with me. My mom’s film Kodak broke on a school field trip to a corn maze that she chaperoned for me in second grade, and our film Nikon stopped getting as much love. Now that things were digital in my family, Walmart’s one hour photo developing trips became a thing of the past. Since we could upload all of our photos to the computer, the hard drive became our shoe box. We only printed when we needed to.

Fast forward to present day. We are the generation of the iPhone, the goPRO, and digital cameras altogether. Advances in technology are amazing…but I’m scared. I’m scared of losing the shoebox generation. I want my kids to grow up laying on their bedroom floors laughing, crying and reminiscing on old photos like I did. And I don’t want my own memories to exist strictly in the digital realm post fifth grade. People are certainly taking more photos now than ever before, but those photos are living in hard drives and clouds. They are disappearing from walls, photo albums, and shoeboxes! I ask myself, am I overthinking this? Does it even matter?

Something happened in fall of 2016 that reminded me how important a physical photograph is. As we all know, polaroid cameras are making a comeback courtesy of FujiFilm in pastel colors, some even equipped with selfie mirrors. I was waiting in line at Hands On Art Studio in Door County with my mom, and a group of little kids came running into the front desk area. One of the girls had a yellow polaroid camera in her hand and I watched as she responded to the curious expression of her friend by saying, “It’s called a polaroid! It’s this cool new thing where you take a picture and it comes out of the top! There’s not even a screen!” The kids were beaming with excitement over this “new” invention, and couldn’t wait to take a photo and then hold it in their hands. I can’t explain how much it warmed my heart to watch that moment. That these kids were experiencing the excitement and suspense of setting up a photo you couldn’t delete, and then getting whatever was given after the shutter closed. Pictures matter. Yes, physical photographs matter. The magic I felt as a kid buried in those shoeboxes wasn’t a feeling unique to myself. Photos are magic for everyone.

Capturing memories for people is one is one of my life’s greatest purposes, and so will be encouraging you to PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! I believe the ways of the past and the present can coexist. I would be lying if I said I didn’t take 50 pictures on my phone every day, most that I don’t do anything with. My recommendation is this: don’t rely on your cell phone to be the only device that captures your memories. Don’t keep your images in the atmosphere. Buy a small mirrorless camera you can keep in your bag wherever you go. Make the time to get quality, printable, frame worthy photos taken of yourself, your family and your loved ones. Invest in a professional! They will provide you with quality photos that your great, great grandchildren will be thankful you had taken.

So what are your options for printing? There are many great online labs that you can upload your digital files to, giving you a plethora of options for prints and products to get as creative as you want with turning your files into tangible products. Nations Photo Lab is a user friendly website that offers everything from albums to prints to mugs to coffee table books, and more. If you are a photographer and are searching for a lab to work with for creating your client products, White House Custom Color will work closely with you to perfect your color calibration, and provide you with top notch products and samples so you can grow your business. And when it comes time to store your prints, Hanging Branch offers custom engraved photography packaging on beautiful handmade wooden boxes.

In this day and age, all it takes is forgetting to back up your phone one day and then dropping it into a toilet the next to lose it all.

I’ve never seen 30 shoeboxes get flushed down the toilet, have you? Ha, ha.

But really.

When you peak into the bedroom of your kids giggling at a photo, arguing about who the naked baby in the bath tub is, or you show your grandmother with dementia images from her past that light up her eyes like you haven’t seen in years, or when you are feeling lonely, nostalgic, or lost in this life, and you notice the shoebox under your bed at just the right moment, you will understand why.

With love,


A Call to the Digital Generation: Print your Photos

Things I Love… & You Will Too!

Like many women, I have spent a lot of money on health & beauty aids, kitchen gadgets, and every day “helpers”. This is a list of tried and true products, services and web sites you will want to consider,

Web Sites

GWP Addict at

This site is a source for beauty gifts with purchase. I e

specially like the “Big 3 Bonuses”, which includes Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique. If you’re in need of a beauty item, always check out this site to see what you  might be able to snag for free! Many of the web sites often offer free shipping on beauty products. Very rarely do I purchase a beauty item without a “gift with purchase” and free shipping.

Recent Clinique GWP

Betty Crocker at crocker

Not sure what to have for dinner? Log on to Betty Crocker and click on the “Recipes” tab and enter the ingredients you have on hand. Whola! Instant dinner. This is also a good site for looking up classic recipes and helpful instructions (how to boil an egg so it doesn’t turn out with a green yolk).


Clarisonic face brushes at

I have owned the original Clarisonic face brush since Oprah had it on her “Favorite Things” list in 2007. I have not replaced the battery in 10 years and it still functions perfectly! Since 2007 the company has expanded its line to include multiple products at various price points. Once your use your Clarisonic, you will never go a day without it! By the way, I do not use the Clarisonic products, I use Estee Lauder cleansing products. You can use your favorite cleansing products with these devices.

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean at

I have used the line of “Perfectly Clean” items for years. You can choose products based on your skin type. A regime of Perfectly Clean makeup remover, cleanser, and toner (along with the Clarisonic), will get your face “perfectly clean” and your complexion will be glowing. Estee Lauder discontinued this line of products about two or three years ago and there was an uproar from its consumers. As one consumer wrote on their web site “There are two things you don’t mess with, my kids and my skin care”. Fortunately, Estee Lauder listened to its consumer and I returned after attempting to use several other skin care products which did not compare to the quality and value of this line.

A bottle of the Take it Away makeup revoer and a tube of the cleanser will last you several months, just a bit needed. The toner will last months.

el_sku_YCF701_144x198_0el_sku_YCE701_558x768_0el_sku_YCFA01_144x198_0 (1)

Method All-Purpose Surface Cleaner in pink grapefruit and antibacterial toilet cleaner

This eco-friendly cleaner cuts grease and grime like no other. It is a non-toxic plant-based product that works well and smells great. You can purchase the item at Target and other stores of the like.

The toilet cleaner in “spearmint” doesn’t smell so great, but its cleaning power is second to none.

Next Week…

Watch for next week’s blog when we cover my favorite digital television service and apps, all at a fraction of the price of cable TV, pricey wireless big brand television subscriptions and the kitchen gadgets worth their investment in gold!


Things I Love… & You Will Too!