The one problem we all will encounter in our lifetime at least once, the flat tire when we are driving alone. You don’t want to be stranded so I will give you tips on what to do so you aren’t stranded on the side of that road. This will take you about 15- 30 minutes, you will be back on the road in no time. You will need 3 things, spar tire, 4 way, jack.

Driving along the road to your music and then all of a sudden, you hear that pop noise and your car starts to swerve. Don’t freak out. You just encountered a flat tire. What you wanna do is find a safe location to park, for example if you’re on the highway, turn on your hazard lights so people can see that something is wrong and pullover as far as you can over the line away from traffic, but do not turn your wheel. After you come to a stop, apply the parking brake.

After you come to your senses, look out for traffic and when it is safe, get out of your car and open your trunk and get your spare tire, the jack to lift the vehicle, the 4 way bar to loosen the bolts off of the tire. Remember to always look out for traffic. It is always a good idea to keep a small rock, wedge, piece of wood in your trunk so that whenever you get a flat and your changing your tire, apply the object behind the tires so the car does not move.

What you want to do first is take your 4 way and turn the bolts on the tire counter clockwise to loosen the bolts. Don’t take the bolts off, just loosen them and after that, put the jack under the vehicle and find a sturdy spot underneath the vehicle, try to find something metal you can put the jack on. After you find the spot, raise the vehicle with the jack and then take off the bolts. After you take the tire off, grab the spar tire and finger tighten the bolts on, lower the vehicle with the jack but not all the way. Lower enough to where the tire doesn’t move. Now when you tighten the bolts, tighten every other bolt in order. This gives it that 5 star pressure. Turn the 4 way to the right. Lefty loose, righty tighty. Remember that for next time. After you tightened them enough, lower the vehicle and tighten the bolts completely.

That is how you change a tire and remember, stay in the slow lane when you have a spar on your car. Spars are meant to be on cars for a short amount of time until you get your tire fixed on your regular tire. Stay in the slow lane and don’t go fast, you don’t want your spar to pop. Hope this was helpful to you and good luck.

Steps to remember:

  1. Park in safe zone
  2. Turn on hazard lights
  3. Pull the emergency brake
  4. Apply wheel wedges 
  5. Slightly loosen lug nuts (lefty loose)
  6. Put jack under vehicle
  7. Jack vehicle up
  8. Loosen lug nuts
  9. Put on spar
  10. Righty Tighty (5 star pressure)

If you want to go over the steps yourself, follow this link


Now if you want serious tools for when you get a flat tire, I recommend a 1 ton jack or bigger. The bigger the jack, the quicker you will be back on the road.



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