10 “Creative Steps” to Putting Up a Pool

We decided this past summer we needed a bigger pool. We’ve always had the Intex 10×30 pools, they were easy to set up and care for. The kids loved it and had tons of fun. Well the kids are bigger now and the adults wanted in on the fun this year.

We started researching pools and found that with the steel sided pools there was a lot of prep work like digging up and filling your yard with dirt to ensure the pool was level. We watched this video and many like it and decided that this was definitely not something we were willing to do, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-4z9CReUO8.  After a lot of research, we finally found a pool that was big enough and seemed easy to set up. We settled on the Intex 18x10x42 Oval Pool. We still had some prep work to do. The video we watched made it all sound so easy, https://youtu.be/EMYQMv4W6N8. I figured it wasn’t going to be quite that easy and it wasn’t.

Here’s the Creative way to prep and set up your pool:

  1. Find the sunniest spot in your yard
  2. Measure the exact dimensions plus 2 feet on all sides of where you want the pool to sit.
  3. If your yard has even a slight decline (most do) measure the length and width of the decline.
  4. Go to Menards or Home Depot and measure sand bags. Buy as many sand bags as you need to fill the decline that you measured in step 3 plus a couple more in case a bag or 2 breaks (they did).
  5. Take the pool out of the box and position the tarp (included) and pool in the location you measured.
  6. Fill the inflatable ring with air making sure the floor of the pool is as wrinkle free as you can get it.
  7. Place the sand bags under the tarp and pool in the decline. We placed them sideways end to end and adjusted as necessary.
  8. Turn on the hose and start filling the pool. While the pool is filling make sure the floor of the pool is as wrinkle free as you can get it. Do this by getting in the pool gently kicking out the sides and smoothing the wrinkles with your feet. Do this while there is just an inch or so of water in the pool. If you wait too long to get the wrinkles out, the water gets too heavy and the wrinkles stay put.
  9. While the pool was filling we noticed that the tubes on the sides were slipping and not raising like the video showed. We needed to think fast, it was hot and we wanted some fun! We searched the garage and found an old croquet and horseshoe set. We used the horseshoe poles as a brace for the tubes and covered them with a blue pool noodle for safety (see the first photo below). We used croquet hoops to steady and hold the tubes in place. This worked really well and saved the day!
  10.  We assembled the ladder and secured it in the most level place we could find (this step wasn’t so bad). After that it was smooth sailing, we jumped in and had a blast all summer!
  1. Intex 18x10x42 pool
10 “Creative Steps” to Putting Up a Pool

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