Layers of a Comfortable Snowmobile Ride

Snowmobiles are huge in the state of Wisconsin, I would know, I work at a Ski-Doo Dealership. Being comfortable during the cold times on the trails is crucial, if you are not comfortable then you will have a terrible time. Layers are very important when you want to stay dry and warm. I personally have had frost bite while riding because I didn’t have the right layers or no protection where I needed. I’ve heard horror stories on how bad people get frost bite just from not having the right protection. This article will give you the proper information on what you need to have a safe and comfortable ride.


  • Base Layer

This layer can either be as simple as just a regular t-shirt or as complex as long underwear. This layer is made to keep you dry and have the basic warmth. It is a thin thermal layer, you don’t necessarily need it but it is a good base to start with.

  • 2nd Layer or Sweatshirt

The second layer is just about anything that goes over your base layer, which includes sweatshirts, jerseys, over-shirts, or even a thin jacket. This layer is where most of your warmth comes in, not always known to keep the moisture out but definitely one of those layers you can take off if you get too hot while riding.

  • Snow-pants/Bibs

Your legs make up over 50% of your body, would you want to make sure they are warm? I hope so because cold legs aren’t fun when you’re riding of more than hour or two. Also if you are a dare devil on a sled and you fall off your going to get filled with snow. Getting filled with snow without protection means your legs are going to get wet and if the temps are really down your pants are going to freeze and your going to be miserable. With snow-pants or bibs, you are protecting your legs from the snow and also extra cushion if you fall.

  • Jackets

Jackets are one of the most import layer because it protects you from the snow and the wind. It also keeps the moisture away from your body. Jackets come in many different styles and different warmth degrees.









  • Helmets

Helmets come in many different styles and many different colors. You have heated helmets, open-faced, modular, BVs2, Oxygen’s, and many more. Helmets protect your noggin from the wind and also if you get into an accident. I’ve seen people who weren’t wearing a helmet while snowmobiling and they got very sever frostbite on their noses and cheeks, I’ve also seen people get very hurt because they thought they didn’t need a helmet.

  • Boots

You can use many different kind of boots for snowmobiling because it all depends on what you like on your feet. I personally have a pair of snowmobiling boots and they work fantastic but I have friends who use everyday steel toes and they love it for snowmobiling. I will admit the best kind for snowmobiling would be one of the waterproof kind. What I do with my boots is I also wear wool socks for extra heat. I know people who just put in a foot warmer and call it good.


I hope you take this article and learn on how to have a safe and warm snowmobile ride. You need layers upon layers. My mom always said “It’s easy to take off layers when your out riding than putting layers on in the middle of nowhere.” You can always buy some of the best winter gear on Ski-Doo Clothing. 


Layers of a Comfortable Snowmobile Ride

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