Importance of Email Marketing

    Many of us like myself have once subscribe to an email list and have received never ending emails from these businesses/ brands. In my case, I only open emails from online retailers that I have purchased from before or brands that I know. These emails usually offer exclusive discounts or keep me updated with ongoing sales. This is what makes emails effective. Emails give a chance for businesses to contact their customers and build relationships that lead to customer loyalty. As a consumer I find email marketing essential to build relationships. Also I feel like it’s worthwhile being subscribed to email list that have valuable content.

I was curious about how others feel about getting emails from brands/businesses so I interviewed three of my friends about their thoughts on email marketing practices.

What makes them interesting and worth your time to open and read?

S: If one catches my eye I’ll open it to see what it’s about. I don’t like reading emails, the images are usually what get me.

A: I love getting emails about current sales! I like being updated on the brands i’m really interested in.

B: I shop online a lot and they always have things that I want and are out of stock so I subscribe to their email waiting list. I like being aware as soon as their back on stock so I can purchase them a soon as possible.

Do you ever take any action as a result of the emails? Why or why not?

S: Yes, if I get sent discounts or promotional emails I usually purchase something on their website.

A: If the email is appealing I look I click on the link but I don’t always have the intention to buy anything.

B: Yeah, I purchase items that are back on stock or similar ones, that the company recommends.

The fact is that most receive marketing emails. And everyone may have different opinions about them. But email marketing has shown to be effective in increasing revenue. The image below shows how Email Marketing has 13% effective rate in all digital marketing in 2018.

Image result for email marketing effectiveness 2018


CAN SPAM stands for Controlling the Assault of Non- Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act. It was put in place to protect consumers and avoid email spamming. The act basically allows people to unsubscribe from marketing emails. The video above provides more information about the CAN SPAM act and the consequences that companies could suffer if they do not obey this Act.


Marketing Emails are Effective

Businesses can build consumer loyalty through Marketing Emails. So it’s recommended that they have an email list. Although they should be aware about the CAN SPAM act to avoid penalties.  Also the consumer should be aware of this as well as it’s important to knowledgeable about the rights they hold.

Importance of Email Marketing

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