$25 off, 100% in!

Who doesn’t love to save money?

I know that if I can save a little bit of my hard earned cash on a purchase, I’m all for it! Especially if it’s something that I need like sports equipment during a BIG AUTUMN SALE!


Okay, quick back story. I’m a reseller of custom t-shirts so I understand how the wholesale to resale process works and it at times angers me a bit. So what if a business took the time to build a building, pay for overhead and fill their shelves with products for my convenience. I still don’t want to pay the near 50% mark-up over wholesale! But, I digress

I’m the kind of person that when in the market for a product, I will scour the internet for the best deal to beat the resale racket. I’m not cheap, I’m competitive! Sometimes to score a good deal though, means having to sign up for coupons on retailers websites. “25% off coupon, just add your email. By adding your email you agree to receive emails and yeah, yeah, yadda yadda” Just give me the coupon please!

Ask and thou shalt receive! shoes
This advertisement from Dunhams showed up in my inbox just this morning. What luck, I love Adidas shoes! Now, Dunhams may not know this, but this was the perfect email add campaign for me to see, because it hit 3 targets. It was perfectly timed, because I was in the market, it hit a brand preference, because I love Adidas and it was a good deal. Well done, Dunamhs, well done.

Now, while this particular email marketing advertisement was a positive, win win for me as a consumer and Dunahams as a business, it’s important to know that a business engaging in email marketing must comply with some rules and regulations.

The Can Spam act of 2003 is a set of 7 such rules that provides some safe guards for consumers receiving emails from being victims of shady or unwanted emails. These rules prevent false or misleading headlines, valid, physical postal address and options for opting out of receiving emails. More information can be found at Federal Trade Commissions Can-Spam Act 


$25 off, 100% in!

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