My love hate relationship with Emails!

I have a love hate relationship with emails. I love the challenge of creating success email campaigns for businesses and the financial benefits both the business and I reap from the campaigns. On a personal level I also love receiving great sales via email. It makes shopping decisions easier and shopping is only a click away! I hate the amount of emails I receive from politicians and companies that somehow got one of email addresses. I find that these emails are hard to opt out of and waste my time. I also hate how much money I end up spending on the great sales😊

On a professional level I’ve created email marketing campaigns for a variety of predominately retail businesses. I found that the campaigns with the best open rates had subject lines that were compelling, short, straight forward and had a fantastic offering. The most successful email campaigns were always a part of a multi media campaign. I liked to add email marketing to strong digital campaigns with display, pre-roll and social media. If budgets permitted adding print or TV greatly enhanced results. We did A/B testing and monitored the campaign results to ensure the campaigns were getting the desired results. I found businesses with smaller budgets can’t always afford to hire professionals to create and manage their email campaigns. These businesses highly recommend using Constant Contact. Constant Contact sells email templates and analytics to businesses so they can create and manage their own campaigns. Check out their video below or go to

Personally, I get a ton of emails, some of them are marketing topics that I’m interested in. I open these emails when I’m in the mood to focus on business or school.The emails that I pay most attention to are for sales from local businesses and Amazon, of course. The subject lines have to offer an enticing sale to get me to open them. Once I open the email if the sale is in fact a good one and nothing I need to try on, I make an online purchase. If the product is from a local store and I need to try it on or look at the product more closely, I go to the store.

I asked a couple of co-workers what made them open emails and if they took action on the emails they opened. I found that much like me, if the email was business related, they had to be in a business mindset to read. Good sale emails were opened faster and they reacted the same way I did. If it was a good sale, they made a purchase online or went to the store. The other person I interviewed was of the same mindset with regard to sales. She also receives employment updates and interview requests. Again the emails are only opened if the subject line has a good offer.

One thing we all agreed on is we hate spam! We were chatting about the different ways to handle spam and checked out google for more advice. We found some great tips on how to prevent spam on the Federal Trade Commission website; The FTC website also provided an email address to report spam:  We Googled Email Spam and found tons of information on Wikipedia about the origin of spam and different types of email scams. We also found information on the Can-Spam act of 2003, for more information check out the go to:

All in all I really love email marketing and think it can be an effective tool for businesses to gain potential customers, increase sales and obtain any other objective that suits their business. Oh and yes, I’ll always open an email that offers a great sale!

My love hate relationship with Emails!

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