Life Style Blogs: They are basically Pinterest

Cara Loren:


Cara is a life style blogger, owns her own clothing line, mom and wife. She has 858K followers on Instagram, 77,237 followers on Pinterest, 51,620 subscriber on YouTube and 27,207 likes on Facebook.

Cara posts about fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle. Also, she posts the cutest and eye appealing photos that make you wish you were her. One thing I really like, is the variety of content. Being a bigger person, I can’t wear the same clothes as her but I can follow her fitness tips and recipes. I also, really enjoy the beauty posts and YouTube tutorials.


Amber Fillerup Clark:Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.18.09 AM.png

Amber runs Barefoot Blonde. And I am obsessed with her. She just recently visited Vermont and wrote a blog post about it! You can check it out here. One thing I like about Amber is that she has a section in her blog called ‘contributors’. This is where she features other bloggers post that is specifically for her site.

Amber has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 29,679 likes on Facebook, 232,567 subscribers on YouTube and 33,200 followers of Twitter. She attracts her fans by fashion, hair, her family and their travels around the world.

I follow Amber because she is literally my Pinterest board. I really love her style and find it similar to mine. She also gives great advice to mother’s out there.


Callie ThorpeScreen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.13.53 AM.png

Based out of London, Callie is a plus size fashion blogger, but what makes her unique it her ‘Confidence Corner’ she has on her blog. She has this section in her blog to help people boost their confidence no matter the size. I have been following her since she got engaged. I was able to relate to her on many ways of being a plus size bride.

Callie has 200K followers on Instagram and 2,358 subscribers. She mainly uses her Instagram to promote her blog. On Callie’s blog, it is easy to shop her looks and helps me discover new brands.


Why these three are my go to.

I follow these three ladies because of the way they approach themselves. They aren’t pushy. They want people to relate to them and don’t over use hash tags either. They also are very engaged with their fan base. These ladies are real and are very vulnerable. Not to mention, they are the real life version of Pinterest.

Life Style Blogs: They are basically Pinterest

Social Sharing- YouTube Edition

There are over 1 Billion YouTube Users. 1 Billion. That’s about 1/3 of the world population that has access to the internet. Out of that billion, about 50 million of those users are creating content. With that astronomical amount, how does one channel stand out from the next? It might be different depending on who you ask, but for me there are a few aspects that make me “hit the subscribe button.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 9.51.55 AM

I am very active on YouTube. I go on it multiple times a day to watch my favorite YouTubers, to which I am subscribed to. If you don’t know what subscribed means in terms of YouTube, it means that every time they upload a video, I get a notification for it. This is critical for channels because it increases the level of engagement they get. In the YouTube World, the more subscribers you have, the more views you get, and the more money you make.

So what makes me click the subscribe button?

  • Consistency– if I am subscribing to a channel, that means I want to them to be active and uploading at least once a week
  • Relatable– I like to share similar interests, tastes, and hobbies
  • Intriguing– I want to watch someone who inspires me and who I find interesting. It’s fun to get new ideas and inspo from someone who motivates you
  • Entertaining– I love watching videos that have cool new music, unique editing, and are captivating to watch

With that being said, here are my current three favorite YouTubers.

Emma Ellingsen

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.03.04 AM

Baseline: I watch Emma Because she is hilarious

Emma Ellingsen is a Norwegian Youtuber who’s channel took off once she announced she was transgender. She usually uploads once a week (which I’m always waiting for) and basically just films her everyday life. Some videos she cooks, some videos she travels, and others she is merely cleaning her room. That might sound boring, but what makes her videos so entertaining is her humor ( I actually laugh out loud) and the quirky way she edits. Emma also has an Instagram, but I prefer watching her videos on youtube because it shows her personality.

Margot Lee

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.14.48 AM

Baseline: I watch Margot because I get inspired from her

Margot Lee is a college student at Syracuse University in New York. She mostly films her college life, but incorpates health, wellness, travel, and fashion. She consistently uploads at least once a week. What I like about Margot is that she edits her videos in a very creative, artistic way that I don’t see a lot of other YouTuber’s doing. She incorporates snippits of vlog footage with montages, and I really like that balance. I always feel inspired when I watch her vlogs, because they are in a style that I find intriguing. We share a lot of the same interests including fashion, traveling, and blogging. Not to mention we are also going for the same degree in college. Margot also has an Instagram, Facebook, and blog.

Shane Dawson

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.04.54 AM.png

Baseline: I watch Shane because he knows how to entertain and audience

Shane is someone who has been big on YouTube for a while, but I only just started watching him recently. I started watching him when he started making what I would like to call guilty pleasure videos, aka videos I find interesting and entertaining but at the same time I’m like did I really just spend a half-hour of my time watching that? This would include conspiracy theories and a docu-series about digging into other YouTuber’s lives and scandals. I don’t relate to him in any way, but his content is fun to watch and get’s you hooked.


Whether you want a laugh, some inspiration, or to binge watch conpiracy theories, you can find it all on YouTube. These channels are some that appeal to me, but you’ll find that every successful YouTuber has found their key to social sharing.


Social Sharing- YouTube Edition

Social Sharing

What is Social Sharing?

Basically is when a company/brand share what their website is all about, through their owned social media networks. This is an effective way to promote their products as this can drive traffic to their social media, and have conversions. Also this gives a company a platform to share how the product can be use or give the consumers ideas. The link below goes a bit more in depth on what is social sharing and how it’s beneficial.

Now I will be discussing a few clothing companies that participate in social sharing and have caught my attention because they do an excellent job on it and I think everyone can learn something from their social sharing skills.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a widely known retailer for young women and men. It seems like this company is targeting their consumers widely through different platforms for example they are active on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Although they have the largest amount of following through their Facebook and Instagram which is around 15 million followers for both. This is most likely due to their consumers being highly active on these social network. Although, it seems that the sharing of pictures and videos is the most effective way of sharing their content because consumers can visually appreciate what their brand is all about, without having to read through it. Though these social media platforms it shares different type of content like style inspiration, relatable memes for followers, current store or online site events, and more!

Related image


Missguided is a clothing brand that originated in the UK and they are known for eye catching pieces. On their social media they share images of influencers wearing their clothing pieces. Also they share when they have sales, and have a lot of giveaways. Although what’s interesting is that they also post beauty content that doesn’t relate to their website products. They post constantly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I believe that they chose the right social media platforms to share their content, as they are trying to reach young adult females. And they share high quality content that their consumers find interesting.

Related image

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006, and it has been growing pretty rapidly since then. They currently have over 7,000 post on their instagram feed because they post frequently. As well as their other social medias like on their facebook, twitter, pinterest and youtube.  As I compared both feeds of Nasty Gal and Forever 21 I came across the fact that they are similar in some aspects. For example they both have memes or relatable quotes about life. These post do not have much to do about their website. I think these post are made to make their followers feel that their social media is relatable to their life. I actually believe this is a good strategy to gain followers and gain attention. As I that the memes/ quotes usually get noticeable more likes and comments than post about clothing pieces.

Related image

In conclusion these brands understand well what social sharing is and they are great examples to take in consideration when looking for social sharing examples.


Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Definition of: social sharingsending photos, videos, product recommendations and website links to friends with social networking accounts. Twitter and Facebook icons appear on most every website; however, there are numerous other venues where information can be shared.

A few of my daily favorites are below:

I started following Sandi Krakowski when I saw a sponsored ad Facebook for a social media seminar she was advertising. I liked the way she presented herself in a down to earth way. She is experienced in training people in marketing and business strategies. I also love her hair! Her website is Sandi has a lot of free social media training material and blogs that really change the way you think about the possibility of starting a successful business without a lot of start-up money. Sandi shares her content of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Spectrum Reach Logo                                    

I follow Spectrum Reach Marketing and advertising on LinkedIn:, . They offer unique and effective advertising solutions to local, regional and national business customers. Their posts are informative and help keep marketers and advertisers informed of  new and innovative digital and cable advertising solutions. Spectrum Reach shares content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


The first email I see in the morning is from Salesfuel Today, Salesfuel offers daily tips on what to do and NOT do increase sales and sell smarter. The tips are usually a 2 minute easy read, informative and things you can incorporate into your everyday routine right away. Salesfuel shares content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo & YouTube,

Social sharing is a huge part of my everyday life and something I look forward to. I keep up with friends and family primarily on Facebook and Instagram multiple times a day. I search for recipes, party and decorating ideas on Pinterest. Professionally I am on LinkedIn during the workday networking and occasionally sharing blogs and sales material. The wealth of information available today is both amazing and overwhelming.







Social Sharing

What is Social Sharing? And 3 Companies to Learn From


What is social sharing?

Social sharing is the practice of sharing content from a website on a social media site or application.

So why is it important?

Three companies that use social sharing to their advantage are Choice Music, KCON, and KORE LIMITED.  I have listed their website and social media links at the end of this post.

Choice Music is a music store in Koreatown, Los Angeles that specializes in Kpop music and merchandise. They mainly use Instagram and twitter to post on, but they do have Facebook as well.  Choice Music shares content about merchandise from their store, contests, inventory and store updates, and funny, relatable posts about concerts and news happening in Kpop.  They share a lot of video content on their Instagram page.  Videos include store and inventory updates from the owner and unboxing videos of merchandise.  Unboxing videos make you able to see what comes with the product and how it looks before purchasing and helps take away that slight buyer’s remorse a customer may have after purchasing the product.  They also make posts very relatable when talking about new concerts.  They also run a lot of contests to get their fans involved with them.  The respond to comments and direct messages as well, making them very engaging with their fans.  They also have a loving nickname for their fans called Choice Gang.  If you go to their twitter account, Choice music has a much snarkier/sassy tone when posting.  They post a lot more humor related content on twitter and do a lot of product reveals and contests through Instagram.

Screenshot (2)

KCON is a convention that specializes in all things hallyu (Korean wave) for the last 4 years.  This includes: music, movies/dramas, food, skincare, fashion, and more.  They have conventions in New York and LA over the summer.  It’s a convention by day and concert by night holding 2 nights of star studded concerts.  They post on mainly on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.  They tend to post a lot of video content on their social media sites, especially when announcing artist and special guests for the convention.  With special guests they can put five guests on one video to reduce the amount of content that gets shared, and prevent them from seeming annoying.  They also use Facebook live to live chat with fans of the convention to announce artists, special guests, and more for the conventions.  Doing this they are able to answer questions directly from the viewers.  Leading up to the live chat they also post hints on their Instagram story to guess the artists being announced.  They make sure they provide the detailed information about the convention, such as ticket prices, ticket sale times, and convention times through photos shared on social media as well.  By sharing information this way with pictures and videos, it’s much easier for the fans to understand and engage with the content, and also be able to share the content themselves.  There are a couple of downsides with this company’s social sharing.  The first one is that during the off season of the convention, they share less content.  Most of the content being shared is throwback content from the conventions.  The second downside is that they share all the same graphics to every social media site.  The only thing that is different from what is posted on other social media sites is their Facebook live chat.

KORE LIMITED is an urban and street-wear style clothing brand that celebrates Korean culture and lifestyle.  Because they are an online only store, social sharing is huge for driving sales.  They mainly post on Instagram and Facebook, but they do have a twitter account as well.  Since this is a clothing brand, the main things that are shared are their products.  They use high quality photos and models for showing off their products.  They even did a photo shoot in South Korea.  They also share sneak peeks of new seasonal lines and collaboration designs that are coming out.  When they announce a new look book has come out on their website, they share a link and make it easy to see what new products are available.  Contests are run and shared every once in awhile too.  You have to comment and like the post that was shared, and follow KORE LIMITED and potentially another company’s page.  Recently they ran a contest with Choice Music to win a free sweatshirt from them and a free BTS album from Choice Music.

As you can see there are a few things that these three companies do to increase the quality of the content that they post to their social media.  They use photos and videos to engage their audience and make it easier for their fans to read.  They also run contests on their social media channels to promote products, and also other company’s when collaborating on a contest.  They share detailed information about products or events coming up. The final thing is that they are very interactive with their fans and followers.  Interacting on posts really helps build rapport for the company with their fans.


Choice Music:



What is Social Sharing? And 3 Companies to Learn From

Social Sharing

Social Media Influencers

These days, social media is what everyone is on. YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the most popular social media platforms with thousands of creators looking to gather and entertain an audience. Almost any platform now is used as a blog. Here are three influencers making it big in the social media scene.

YouTube – Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a writer, producer, and comedian. Most known for his YouTube career on channels ShaneDawsonTV and Shane, he started off his career 10 years ago with comedy skits featuring most, if not all, characters played by himself. Many of these videos are now deemed inappropriate and controversial in today’s society. This being said, his videos are now focused on popular conspiracy theories and most recently, he started making series. With these series, his goal is dive deep into social influencer’s lives to show a more personal side.

Despite having over 17 million subscribers, he actually does most of his interactions and social sharing on Snapchat (@lolshanedawson) and Twitter (@shanedawson). He shares opinions and reacts to feedback on Twitter while he gives a sneak peak into his daily life on Snapchat. He also does a great job of showing what happens behind the scenes of his videos on Snapchat.

Check out his latest series here!


Twitter – Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead)

Related image

Adam Ellis is a former BuzzFeed writer. He is most famous for his viral story, Dear David. This thread of tweets from Adam went viral due to its creepiness and frightening photos/videos. The story started off with him explaining a series of nightmares he had been having about a boy with a dented head coming to visit him. This boy’s name was David. You are allowed to only ask Dear David a couple of questions, no more than two. Stubbornly, Adam asked Dear David a third question, and that’s when the horror all started.

This story is told through various tweets with evidence of Dear David being photos/videos from Adam’s phone during the night. Adam, an avid traveler, was on the road during parts of this story, which meant there was always a cliff hanger as the Twitter community waited for him to be able to update on the haunting. This was a great example of how to capture an audience and how to keep them sticking around for more updates.

Instagram – Jessica Universe (@jessicauniverse)

Jessica Universe (17), a popular Asian-American social media influencer, became popular after she posted memes and comedic videos of her ranting as well as short makeup tutorials. Now with over 271,000 followers on Instagram, Jessica is a role model for young girls and boys struggling with mental illness and insecurities. Although young, Jessica is someone many people look up to due to her positive captions and storytimes.

To express her emotions and to share the thoughts of a young teen to people around the world, she published her first poetry book about a year ago called, Fake Deep. She also has an active music career on soundcloud and a YouTube channel where she shares beauty tutorials.


Social Sharing

The Three Social Media Diamonds in the Digital Rough

Social media is one of the most effective platforms to spread content for individuals, celebrities, businesses, and journalists.  Twitter is the site I turn to whenever I hear about sports or national news related.  ESPN creates reports based on tweets from Adam Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski, CNN creates reports based on tweets from politicians and government officials, and both large and small businesses/organizations now realize that social media is a platform to sell products, generate leads, and build their brands.  Social media can also be extremely helpful for websites/blogs that earn a revenue on boosting users and conversions.

There are three websites/blogs that, in my opinion, utilize social media platforms in successful ways:

  1. Spotify

Spotify is a subscription-based music provider.  They provide content about new music being released and specifically how to sign up for a subscription for their services.  I believe they use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I think they share their content better than others because they use influencers… like Def Leppard (below)… to promote their company/website.


I think the content they share is better than other music providers because they are constantly sharing deals for students or families.  The current campaign they have running posts 15-20 second videos from well-known artists.  I think I like this more because it provides clear information in a compact post.

2. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report shares content specific to sports-related news and they mix in some pop culture.  I believe they share their content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  I think I enjoy how they share their content more than other sports news outlets because they don’t spam you with the same information from multiple accounts like some others do (ESPN, SportsCenter, etc.).  In my opinion, they also convey humor better than ESPN and other news sources.


I think how this content is shared affects how I like, share, or click on it because I like connecting humor with sports.  I also think they share content that is interesting and not as “fluffy” as their competitors’ content.

3. The Dodo

The Dodo is a feel-good website/blog that posts heroic and heartwarming stories about animals of all kinds.  From adoption videos to a story about a dog saving his owner from a fire, The Dodo is successful in making people pause from their stressful lives and remember that there is good in this world.  I believe they mostly share on Facebook, however they might use Instagram and Twitter, as well.


I believe they are successful in their content because most people enjoy stories about animals.  Their content appeals to people’s emotions and that will sometimes cause them to like or share more than other content such as divisive political memes.  I think when The Dodo switches from a news article to a video, it provides diverse options for their followers.

In total, I’m not sure if there is any one specific way to share content.  I think all digital marketing is trial and error.  Even for the most experienced marketers, social media is a process.  In order to become successful, you need to be persistent and believe in the content you are sharing.

The Three Social Media Diamonds in the Digital Rough


With social media being the ideal source to read news, make new connections, and cultivate personal interests, it is no surprise that it continues to gain in popularity. Here are a few of my favorite blogs – I read their posts often and interact with them on their social media platforms regularly.



You can read Lee’s blog and find her social media links by clicking here.

Lee is a “lifestyle influencer” – a new age term for one who has a popular internet presence with niche interests. She posts about living well by eating food, using natural healing methods, and self-care. She shares to her blog, Instagram, and Spotify. I feel like she shares her content better than other influencers I’ve seen because she’s very active in the community. She posts Instagram stories daily, blog posts often, and interacts with her followers via comment replies and private messages. Her active social media presences most definitely influences how I interact with her, because she always seems to be at the top of my feed. She’s hard to miss.



Bleubird is a blog created and operated by James Kicinski-McCoy. I’ve followed this blog for over 8 years. I really like the aesthetics and despite her blog and content being focused on motherhood, I can still relate. I don’t have children, but appreciate the glimpses into her daily life and her product suggestions. James posts to her blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as other blogs – she’s often a guest writer or editor on articles relevant to motherhood and holistic living. She’s not as active as Lee on social media, but James is older and presents a sort of maturity within the social media sphere. Despite not being as active as other influencers I interact with, she seems to always post quality content; she rarely disappoints. I do think that her approach to a rather lax social media presence affects her social media interactions. I often forget how much I like this blog, so a few months will go by and I’ll think, “hmm… I forgot about her. I should see what she’s up to.”



Molly Yeh is a baker, maker, and maybe even a candlestick maker – she hasn’t denied it. She has been blogging about her adventures on a rural farm with her husband for years and it’s such wholesome content. She gained such popularity that she recently premiered the first season of her Food Network show – Girl Meets Farm. You can find her via her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She posts daily if not multiple times a day on her social media platforms, and less frequently on her blog. I love her content – she has a sense of humor and strong personality and it really shows through the things she posts. She’s not as frequent of a poster as Lee, but frequent enough that she still shows up on my timeline daily and I can get a general sense of what she’s up to. I think she has a great balance of content creation and posting schedule. It’s not overwhelming, but still quality content.

I wanted to provide three blogs with differences in the frequency of posts. I don’t think that frequency has a major effect on how often I interact or think of these blogs, but rather the type of content they are producing.


Sharing is the Social Way

Social Media has become a major part in all lives, if you’re 80 or if you’re 3, you’ve been impacted by social media. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkIn are only a few of the social media that millions use on the daily basis. There are some companys that stand out to me about how they share things on either social media or just in advertising in general. I have aquire a wide range of advertising but the way Ski-Doo, Apple, and Buckle exspress their adversting or how their social media is just catches my eye.


I may be bias on this because I work at a BRP Dealership but I do look on their page for inspiration or at least ideas when it comes to posting on my work’s Facebook. The content that they share are about their products like Snowmobiles, clothing, accessories, and riding gear. They are on all Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Ski-Doo is huge in Wisconsin and it originate from Canada. They share their content with either one of their riders or just in a creative way that grabs my eye and also many others. I share their content because one, I have to share it to the business’s Facebook page and second I do like their content so I usually at least like it. Out of 10 I give Ski-Doo a 8.5.


Who doesn’t know Apple? Over half of the population have either have an Iphone or at least had an Ipod. I have an Iphone, Macbook, Apple TV, and an Apple Watch. You could say I’m an Apple guru. Their website is one of the best websites I know, well in my opinion. I understand that they have the money and also have one of the best person in every department. They have content about their products and also what’s new and exciting about technology. Apple shares their content on almost everything, they also have many, many people who write blogs about them.  Apple probably doesn’t have to spend any money on advertising and they would still be on top. They have all the word of mouth they need. They share their content with just one of the best articles with them or they share a video that demonstrates their product down to a T. Out of 10 I give Apple 10 out of 10.


I live in a town that if you don’t wear Buckle Jeans then you’re just not cool. I have too many pairs of jeans in general but Buckle are the only kind I wear on the daily basis. Buckle has more than just jeans but that’s what they are known for. I see their ads on Facebook all the time. The ads I see on Facebook and I see their new styles and it just makes me want to get on their site and spend too much money. I give Buckle a 6 out of 10.  They can do more improvements on how they share their products.

When it comes to the things I see on Facebook and other social media things Apple does stand out the most but I will admitted I am more proactive with Buckle.

Sharing is the Social Way

Social Sharing at It’s Best

Social sharing is one of the best ways for websites and blogs to promote their content and foster an engaging community built around their brand. The benefits of sharing branded content on social media far outweigh any negatives, successful brands on social media experience increased conversions, exposure, and leads. Included below are three brands that I think are using social media to effectively share their content in a way that increases brand recognition and community engagement.

1. IGN

Source: IGN Facebook is a gaming news network that publishes entertainment related news and reviews, whether that be for games, movies, tv, or comics. They share mostly editorial content to their fan-base of over 154 million across a wide variety of 22 different platforms. The reason I find the way IGN uses social sharing to promote their content so good, is how they leverage the strengths of each social media platform they are active on.

Their Twitter feed includes short, effective headlines and compelling visuals to draw people in to the website. On Snapchat they use intriguing visuals and headlines to encourage people to interact with their content. Their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch profiles are similarly optimized for each network audience’s preferred content. Their well optimized social sharing strategy leads to a high following on each network and a high engagement rate on most content they share.

2. Essential Products

Source: Essential Facebook

Essential products is a start up phone maker that offers a unique Android powered phone and accessories. Their social media content mostly consists of posts pertaining to the products they sell, but they also share relevant content that their ideal consumers may appreciate like about services they’ve partnered with or news sites their products are mentioned in. Their primary social channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but they also post videos on their YouTube channel and official Reddit sub.

I find that their high engagement rate and transparency with their community to be the best aspect of their social sharing. They will be upfront and honest with the community regarding their product and software releases, giving the technical answer as to why a popular accessory is releasing later than expected is just one example. Additionally, the company’s staff will hold monthly AMA’s on Reddit to answer some of the community’s most popular questions. This level of interactivity and communication is especially impressive considering that they are a start up company with a relatively small team size. It’s because of the strong-knit community that surrounds the brand on social that I enjoy interacting with and following the content they post.

3. DriveTribe

Source: DriveTribe Facebook

DriveTribe is a website that features a community of users and categories (or Tribes as they are called) which focus primarily on the anything automotive. Founded recently in 2016 by the previous hosts of UK Top Gear and current hosts of Amazon’s Grand Tour James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson the site has rapidly garnered a massive following of dedicated users. DriveTribe is a bit of a unique site in this list in that they are a bit of a social media site in and of itself. However, DriveTribe still encourages community interaction on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What sets DriveTribe apart from other automotive news outlets is how much emphasis they place on community engagement. The site and their social profiles all encourage sharing and community interaction, finding other automotive enthusiasts that like the same things you do and joining with them. Their social content often includes media contributed by their websites community members, leading to a wide array of entertaining and interesting posts for any automotive enthusiast. As such their posts generate an incredibly high engagement rate, with people sharing the content with others and building upon that community surrounding the brand.

Socially Sharing

In summary, the above three brands demonstrate how effectively using social media to publish relevant content can help tremendously in accomplishing marketing objectives. Each of these brands understands what their target audience wants to hear from them and effectively leverages the different social media platforms to increase exposure for their brand and content. Any company could do well by analyzing what these brands do right and adapting the practices used for their own medium.

Social Sharing at It’s Best