Email Working or Just Deleted?

How do they get your attention with emails? Big bold letters that say “SALE”? Emails these days with the technology we have are huge, but with the millennial’s you don’t want to send out too many. I know personally I hate getting 2 emails from the same place unless its for something I ordered or what not. If I am getting multiple emails about the same deal or from the same place in one day that’s too much. I have unsubscribed from almost all of the sites I shop off of. I only keep up with Buckle, American Eagle, and Amazon, if you are any other sites you’re either getting deleted or unsubscribed. On average business/office person gets 121 emails daily according to Templafy. Holy Cow! I would go insane if I got that many!

Background on emails

Emails have come to be a huge part in this everyday life. More than 80% of people would rather have their conversation over email than over the phone. In my personal experience I would rather have email then phone call. You’ll get a person from India or something who you just can’t understand, it’s annoying in my books. Sending messages like emails can get to someone within seconds. We use to send and some still send cards through the mail and that would take up to weeks.

Action or delete, delete, and delete?

Do you take action when you get emails from businesses or do you just delete them? I usually don’t have my email address with businesses because I’m not a huge fan of it. I like to keep my email for only personal and a little bit of my job. My mom on the other hand goes crazy with the emails. She is one of those people who get over 100 emails a day just spam and coupons for Khols, Target, Shopko, etc. My mom is one of those people who if they have a coupon they will use it. She loves getting the biggest bang for her buck. When you get an email and it says something about their most recent sale, do you look at it and click the link or just say “eh it’s a sale, who cares”?

Can-Spam and how does is it work?

The CAN-SPAM Act establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

Can-Spam is an act that tells you what you can cannot have in a commercial message. If you use email for your business there are rules. Here are the gist of the rules. 1). Don’t lie in the email. 2). Make sure the subject line is to the point on what the email is about. 3). If the email is an ad you must mark it as an ad. 4). State your address. 5). If someone wants to opt out of the emails you have to let them and tell them how. 6). If someone wants wants to opt out you have to respond promptly to it. 7). If you hire some company for email monitoring you must still take full responsibility, can’t pong it off to someone else.


In your option is emailing going to be the only thing going on in the future? Are businesses only going to email their customers? Are they going to get ride of phone calls?

Email Working or Just Deleted?

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