3 Trendy Brands Who ROCK Social Sharing

Wanting to drive more traffic to your business? Then social sharing is the answer. If you put in the effort towards creating quality engaging and interactive content on your social media platforms, you’re guaranteed to increase traffic to your website. In addition; if it is performed well, web visitors become more likely to share out your content, create more brand awareness, gain you more visitors, and send out more links leading to your site.

Inspiration for your brand’s social sharing.

REI, Peter McKinnon, and Keep Nature Wild are terrific, trendy, leading examples to be inspired by for you brand’s social sharing concept.

1.  REI


REI is a rockstar when it comes to providing content! Their website alone offers pages from shopping apparel and accessories, new and used gear, to REI adventures, classes, and events. In addition, REI offers pages for web viewers to access a great list of trail locations nearby and expert advice for an upcoming trip or adventure. REI also continues to engage with their customers through their regular Co-op Journals.

Going beyond, REI is active among Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube! The reason why REI rocks with their social sharing is because they generate a vast variety of content; it doesn’t feel like they are posting the same content over and over again. This is because, (1) REI makes itself approachable to so many specific interests — camping, hiking, cycling, climbing, snow sports, paddling, fitness, travel, clothing, etc. —  while being able to keep it within one large common interest — outdoor activities done for leisure. (2) REI goes the extra mile by providing engaging content — product reviews and comparisons, ‘how to’s, checklist (what to bring…), hacks, recipes, community stories, journals, adventure recap videos, etc. —for viewers to interact with.

REI Social Media Pages:     Facebook      Instagram      Pinterest      Twitter      YouTube


2.  Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a Photographer and Filmmaker, but is most well known for his self-titled channel on YouTube. The majority of his videos consist of vlogs, “Two Minute Tuesdays”, and tutorials touching topics upon ways to improve your technique in photography/cinematography, editing, reviews about equipment he uses, etc. Through additional social media platforms, Peter is very creative with how he shares announcements and events happening in his life. Peter’s most captivating content is usually performed through the story feature on the social media platforms. Also, Peter is extremely creative with how he presents his content and stories. In return, the response is quicker than the average and drives large amounts of traffic to his called action.

Peter Mckinnon Instagram Story Example356A8869-2.jpg

Peter McKinnon’s Social Media Pages: Facebook      Instagram      Twitter      YouTube


3.  Keep Nature Wild

Keep Nature Wild’s mission is all in the name. They truly want to keep nature wild and do so through the efforts of litter cleanups. To promote their brand and efforts, Keep Nature Wild sells a variety of apparel, accessories, and really cool stickers. In addition, a portion of every purchase from their website is used to host local cleanups to restore, maintain, and preserve nature’s wild places.Keep Nature Wild

On KNW’s website, it states “We use the power of social media to promote volunteerism and responsible outdoor recreation.” To make sure their message is not just a ‘phase’ for followers, KNW uses high quality pictures, creates blog-like journals, shares recap videos, keeps the followers up to-date on their wilderness cleanups — 121,670 lbs. and counting. Lastly, KNW is very consistent with their Instagram stories and is always looking for viewers to interact with them. Some of their most engaging story content consist of poles (e.i. voting for the correct answer of a fun fact) and short answer (e.i. guessing which US state they created a new sticker design for).

KNW Social Media Pages:     Facebook      Instagram      Pinterest      YouTube


To Wrap Things Up.

To increase the amount of traffic to your site or your leaded call to action, try to expand among multiple social media platforms, bring creative and captivating content to the table, keep consistent captivation and post with variety, try to interact with your viewers, and take advantage of stories and other features provided within the social media platforms.

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3 Trendy Brands Who ROCK Social Sharing

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