Follow the leaders

3 companies you should be following on social media. 


Old Spice

old spice

One of my favorite companies whose products I use myself is Old Spice. Old Spice has been around long enough that my first memory is from my grandfather’s after shave shelf. However, today their products are still being used and they have evolved into a cool, edgy company. Old Spice is active on all major social media platforms, but their creative and over the top commercials are crushing it on YouTube with about 300 million views. I’d say that is pretty impressive for a male grooming company.

So what is the key to their success?

Old Spice has had several of their creative commercials become hits and go viral in the early 2010’s. This along with continued creative advertisement and partnerships with top sports spokespeople has helped bring Old Spice to a generation of younger customers who are active followers in social media.



T-Mobile is one of the larger telecommunications companies in the US. They are active on all the major social media platforms, and they are known for keeping their customers engaged and having fun doing it. Some examples of social media posts include promotional events such as concerts and sporting events, mobile phone products and articles about stand out employees like this:

So what is the key to their success?

Part of my background is working with a social media team for a telecommunications company and I have long been jealous of T-Mobile’s response team. Here is a look at a recent response to a negative comment on there Facebook time line. t-mobile response

Cellphone customers are a hard bunch to please, but responding to negative comments in a non dry or cookie cutter way keeps it young, hip and cool.

TED Talks

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. As their slogan “Ideas worth spreading” suggests, they share media of TED conferences. Conference speakers have a time limit of 18 minutes to present on topics such as, technology and design as well as academic, cultural and scientific subjects. Speakers range from trusted voices to icons like Bill Gates and geniuses like Stephen Hawking.

You can follow TED Talks on all major social media platforms and where ever you listen to podcasts. Currently TED Talks has just over 11 million twitter followers and ranks slightly higher than The Onion and slightly lower than Michelle Obama. And 11 million YouTube subscribers and their videos have been watched over a billion times!

So what is the key to their success?

For starters they cover very interesting tops and have huge brand association from very well known speakers and experts in those fields. And make the content easily shareable across social media platforms. They also dominate their internet presence by expanding and creating other related projects and events. By doing this they keep their audience engaged and dominate Google page 1 search results.

The Wrap

While companies can certainly gain exposure or become more relevant from a viral hit video or post, long term sustainable relevance requires work. “Everyone has a dream, but not everyone has a grind.” Success is not an accident or coincidence, it takes staying in tune with what others are saying and thinking about your organization and taking measures to respond and act accordingly when necessary.

Follow the leaders

2 thoughts on “Follow the leaders

  1. hannahneecenwtc says:

    Hi! I like your post and how you split up the reading with photos and links – it made it easy to follow and interesting to read. Thanks!


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