Sharing is the Social Way

Social Media has become a major part in all lives, if you’re 80 or if you’re 3, you’ve been impacted by social media. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkIn are only a few of the social media that millions use on the daily basis. There are some companys that stand out to me about how they share things on either social media or just in advertising in general. I have aquire a wide range of advertising but the way Ski-Doo, Apple, and Buckle exspress their adversting or how their social media is just catches my eye.


I may be bias on this because I work at a BRP Dealership but I do look on their page for inspiration or at least ideas when it comes to posting on my work’s Facebook. The content that they share are about their products like Snowmobiles, clothing, accessories, and riding gear. They are on all Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Ski-Doo is huge in Wisconsin and it originate from Canada. They share their content with either one of their riders or just in a creative way that grabs my eye and also many others. I share their content because one, I have to share it to the business’s Facebook page and second I do like their content so I usually at least like it. Out of 10 I give Ski-Doo a 8.5.


Who doesn’t know Apple? Over half of the population have either have an Iphone or at least had an Ipod. I have an Iphone, Macbook, Apple TV, and an Apple Watch. You could say I’m an Apple guru. Their website is one of the best websites I know, well in my opinion. I understand that they have the money and also have one of the best person in every department. They have content about their products and also what’s new and exciting about technology. Apple shares their content on almost everything, they also have many, many people who write blogs about them.  Apple probably doesn’t have to spend any money on advertising and they would still be on top. They have all the word of mouth they need. They share their content with just one of the best articles with them or they share a video that demonstrates their product down to a T. Out of 10 I give Apple 10 out of 10.


I live in a town that if you don’t wear Buckle Jeans then you’re just not cool. I have too many pairs of jeans in general but Buckle are the only kind I wear on the daily basis. Buckle has more than just jeans but that’s what they are known for. I see their ads on Facebook all the time. The ads I see on Facebook and I see their new styles and it just makes me want to get on their site and spend too much money. I give Buckle a 6 out of 10.  They can do more improvements on how they share their products.

When it comes to the things I see on Facebook and other social media things Apple does stand out the most but I will admitted I am more proactive with Buckle.

Sharing is the Social Way

One thought on “Sharing is the Social Way

  1. hannahneecenwtc says:

    I liked your post! I think it’s interesting to consider how brand interaction makes customers want (or not want) to purchase their item. Also…I don’t own/have never owned Buckle jeans, but I hope I can still be cool one day.


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