With social media being the ideal source to read news, make new connections, and cultivate personal interests, it is no surprise that it continues to gain in popularity. Here are a few of my favorite blogs – I read their posts often and interact with them on their social media platforms regularly.



You can read Lee’s blog and find her social media links by clicking here.

Lee is a “lifestyle influencer” – a new age term for one who has a popular internet presence with niche interests. She posts about living well by eating food, using natural healing methods, and self-care. She shares to her blog, Instagram, and Spotify. I feel like she shares her content better than other influencers I’ve seen because she’s very active in the community. She posts Instagram stories daily, blog posts often, and interacts with her followers via comment replies and private messages. Her active social media presences most definitely influences how I interact with her, because she always seems to be at the top of my feed. She’s hard to miss.



Bleubird is a blog created and operated by James Kicinski-McCoy. I’ve followed this blog for over 8 years. I really like the aesthetics and despite her blog and content being focused on motherhood, I can still relate. I don’t have children, but appreciate the glimpses into her daily life and her product suggestions. James posts to her blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as other blogs – she’s often a guest writer or editor on articles relevant to motherhood and holistic living. She’s not as active as Lee on social media, but James is older and presents a sort of maturity within the social media sphere. Despite not being as active as other influencers I interact with, she seems to always post quality content; she rarely disappoints. I do think that her approach to a rather lax social media presence affects her social media interactions. I often forget how much I like this blog, so a few months will go by and I’ll think, “hmm… I forgot about her. I should see what she’s up to.”



Molly Yeh is a baker, maker, and maybe even a candlestick maker – she hasn’t denied it. She has been blogging about her adventures on a rural farm with her husband for years and it’s such wholesome content. She gained such popularity that she recently premiered the first season of her Food Network show – Girl Meets Farm. You can find her via her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She posts daily if not multiple times a day on her social media platforms, and less frequently on her blog. I love her content – she has a sense of humor and strong personality and it really shows through the things she posts. She’s not as frequent of a poster as Lee, but frequent enough that she still shows up on my timeline daily and I can get a general sense of what she’s up to. I think she has a great balance of content creation and posting schedule. It’s not overwhelming, but still quality content.

I wanted to provide three blogs with differences in the frequency of posts. I don’t think that frequency has a major effect on how often I interact or think of these blogs, but rather the type of content they are producing.


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