Social Sharing at It’s Best

Social sharing is one of the best ways for websites and blogs to promote their content and foster an engaging community built around their brand. The benefits of sharing branded content on social media far outweigh any negatives, successful brands on social media experience increased conversions, exposure, and leads. Included below are three brands that I think are using social media to effectively share their content in a way that increases brand recognition and community engagement.

1. IGN

Source: IGN Facebook is a gaming news network that publishes entertainment related news and reviews, whether that be for games, movies, tv, or comics. They share mostly editorial content to their fan-base of over 154 million across a wide variety of 22 different platforms. The reason I find the way IGN uses social sharing to promote their content so good, is how they leverage the strengths of each social media platform they are active on.

Their Twitter feed includes short, effective headlines and compelling visuals to draw people in to the website. On Snapchat they use intriguing visuals and headlines to encourage people to interact with their content. Their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch profiles are similarly optimized for each network audience’s preferred content. Their well optimized social sharing strategy leads to a high following on each network and a high engagement rate on most content they share.

2. Essential Products

Source: Essential Facebook

Essential products is a start up phone maker that offers a unique Android powered phone and accessories. Their social media content mostly consists of posts pertaining to the products they sell, but they also share relevant content that their ideal consumers may appreciate like about services they’ve partnered with or news sites their products are mentioned in. Their primary social channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but they also post videos on their YouTube channel and official Reddit sub.

I find that their high engagement rate and transparency with their community to be the best aspect of their social sharing. They will be upfront and honest with the community regarding their product and software releases, giving the technical answer as to why a popular accessory is releasing later than expected is just one example. Additionally, the company’s staff will hold monthly AMA’s on Reddit to answer some of the community’s most popular questions. This level of interactivity and communication is especially impressive considering that they are a start up company with a relatively small team size. It’s because of the strong-knit community that surrounds the brand on social that I enjoy interacting with and following the content they post.

3. DriveTribe

Source: DriveTribe Facebook

DriveTribe is a website that features a community of users and categories (or Tribes as they are called) which focus primarily on the anything automotive. Founded recently in 2016 by the previous hosts of UK Top Gear and current hosts of Amazon’s Grand Tour James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson the site has rapidly garnered a massive following of dedicated users. DriveTribe is a bit of a unique site in this list in that they are a bit of a social media site in and of itself. However, DriveTribe still encourages community interaction on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What sets DriveTribe apart from other automotive news outlets is how much emphasis they place on community engagement. The site and their social profiles all encourage sharing and community interaction, finding other automotive enthusiasts that like the same things you do and joining with them. Their social content often includes media contributed by their websites community members, leading to a wide array of entertaining and interesting posts for any automotive enthusiast. As such their posts generate an incredibly high engagement rate, with people sharing the content with others and building upon that community surrounding the brand.

Socially Sharing

In summary, the above three brands demonstrate how effectively using social media to publish relevant content can help tremendously in accomplishing marketing objectives. Each of these brands understands what their target audience wants to hear from them and effectively leverages the different social media platforms to increase exposure for their brand and content. Any company could do well by analyzing what these brands do right and adapting the practices used for their own medium.

Social Sharing at It’s Best

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