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These days, social media is what everyone is on. YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the most popular social media platforms with thousands of creators looking to gather and entertain an audience. Almost any platform now is used as a blog. Here are three influencers making it big in the social media scene.

YouTube – Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a writer, producer, and comedian. Most known for his YouTube career on channels ShaneDawsonTV and Shane, he started off his career 10 years ago with comedy skits featuring most, if not all, characters played by himself. Many of these videos are now deemed inappropriate and controversial in today’s society. This being said, his videos are now focused on popular conspiracy theories and most recently, he started making series. With these series, his goal is dive deep into social influencer’s lives to show a more personal side.

Despite having over 17 million subscribers, he actually does most of his interactions and social sharing on Snapchat (@lolshanedawson) and Twitter (@shanedawson). He shares opinions and reacts to feedback on Twitter while he gives a sneak peak into his daily life on Snapchat. He also does a great job of showing what happens behind the scenes of his videos on Snapchat.

Check out his latest series here!


Twitter – Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead)

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Adam Ellis is a former BuzzFeed writer. He is most famous for his viral story, Dear David. This thread of tweets from Adam went viral due to its creepiness and frightening photos/videos. The story started off with him explaining a series of nightmares he had been having about a boy with a dented head coming to visit him. This boy’s name was David. You are allowed to only ask Dear David a couple of questions, no more than two. Stubbornly, Adam asked Dear David a third question, and that’s when the horror all started.

This story is told through various tweets with evidence of Dear David being photos/videos from Adam’s phone during the night. Adam, an avid traveler, was on the road during parts of this story, which meant there was always a cliff hanger as the Twitter community waited for him to be able to update on the haunting. This was a great example of how to capture an audience and how to keep them sticking around for more updates.

Instagram – Jessica Universe (@jessicauniverse)

Jessica Universe (17), a popular Asian-American social media influencer, became popular after she posted memes and comedic videos of her ranting as well as short makeup tutorials. Now with over 271,000 followers on Instagram, Jessica is a role model for young girls and boys struggling with mental illness and insecurities. Although young, Jessica is someone many people look up to due to her positive captions and storytimes.

To express her emotions and to share the thoughts of a young teen to people around the world, she published her first poetry book about a year ago called, Fake Deep. She also has an active music career on soundcloud and a YouTube channel where she shares beauty tutorials.


Social Sharing

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