Social Sharing

Definition of: social sharingsending photos, videos, product recommendations and website links to friends with social networking accounts. Twitter and Facebook icons appear on most every website; however, there are numerous other venues where information can be shared.

A few of my daily favorites are below:

I started following Sandi Krakowski when I saw a sponsored ad Facebook for a social media seminar she was advertising. I liked the way she presented herself in a down to earth way. She is experienced in training people in marketing and business strategies. I also love her hair! Her website is Sandi has a lot of free social media training material and blogs that really change the way you think about the possibility of starting a successful business without a lot of start-up money. Sandi shares her content of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Spectrum Reach Logo                                    

I follow Spectrum Reach Marketing and advertising on LinkedIn:, . They offer unique and effective advertising solutions to local, regional and national business customers. Their posts are informative and help keep marketers and advertisers informed of  new and innovative digital and cable advertising solutions. Spectrum Reach shares content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


The first email I see in the morning is from Salesfuel Today, Salesfuel offers daily tips on what to do and NOT do increase sales and sell smarter. The tips are usually a 2 minute easy read, informative and things you can incorporate into your everyday routine right away. Salesfuel shares content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo & YouTube,

Social sharing is a huge part of my everyday life and something I look forward to. I keep up with friends and family primarily on Facebook and Instagram multiple times a day. I search for recipes, party and decorating ideas on Pinterest. Professionally I am on LinkedIn during the workday networking and occasionally sharing blogs and sales material. The wealth of information available today is both amazing and overwhelming.







Social Sharing

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