What is Social Sharing? And 3 Companies to Learn From


What is social sharing?

Social sharing is the practice of sharing content from a website on a social media site or application.

So why is it important?

Three companies that use social sharing to their advantage are Choice Music, KCON, and KORE LIMITED.  I have listed their website and social media links at the end of this post.

Choice Music is a music store in Koreatown, Los Angeles that specializes in Kpop music and merchandise. They mainly use Instagram and twitter to post on, but they do have Facebook as well.  Choice Music shares content about merchandise from their store, contests, inventory and store updates, and funny, relatable posts about concerts and news happening in Kpop.  They share a lot of video content on their Instagram page.  Videos include store and inventory updates from the owner and unboxing videos of merchandise.  Unboxing videos make you able to see what comes with the product and how it looks before purchasing and helps take away that slight buyer’s remorse a customer may have after purchasing the product.  They also make posts very relatable when talking about new concerts.  They also run a lot of contests to get their fans involved with them.  The respond to comments and direct messages as well, making them very engaging with their fans.  They also have a loving nickname for their fans called Choice Gang.  If you go to their twitter account, Choice music has a much snarkier/sassy tone when posting.  They post a lot more humor related content on twitter and do a lot of product reveals and contests through Instagram.

Screenshot (2)

KCON is a convention that specializes in all things hallyu (Korean wave) for the last 4 years.  This includes: music, movies/dramas, food, skincare, fashion, and more.  They have conventions in New York and LA over the summer.  It’s a convention by day and concert by night holding 2 nights of star studded concerts.  They post on mainly on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.  They tend to post a lot of video content on their social media sites, especially when announcing artist and special guests for the convention.  With special guests they can put five guests on one video to reduce the amount of content that gets shared, and prevent them from seeming annoying.  They also use Facebook live to live chat with fans of the convention to announce artists, special guests, and more for the conventions.  Doing this they are able to answer questions directly from the viewers.  Leading up to the live chat they also post hints on their Instagram story to guess the artists being announced.  They make sure they provide the detailed information about the convention, such as ticket prices, ticket sale times, and convention times through photos shared on social media as well.  By sharing information this way with pictures and videos, it’s much easier for the fans to understand and engage with the content, and also be able to share the content themselves.  There are a couple of downsides with this company’s social sharing.  The first one is that during the off season of the convention, they share less content.  Most of the content being shared is throwback content from the conventions.  The second downside is that they share all the same graphics to every social media site.  The only thing that is different from what is posted on other social media sites is their Facebook live chat.

KORE LIMITED is an urban and street-wear style clothing brand that celebrates Korean culture and lifestyle.  Because they are an online only store, social sharing is huge for driving sales.  They mainly post on Instagram and Facebook, but they do have a twitter account as well.  Since this is a clothing brand, the main things that are shared are their products.  They use high quality photos and models for showing off their products.  They even did a photo shoot in South Korea.  They also share sneak peeks of new seasonal lines and collaboration designs that are coming out.  When they announce a new look book has come out on their website, they share a link and make it easy to see what new products are available.  Contests are run and shared every once in awhile too.  You have to comment and like the post that was shared, and follow KORE LIMITED and potentially another company’s page.  Recently they ran a contest with Choice Music to win a free sweatshirt from them and a free BTS album from Choice Music.

As you can see there are a few things that these three companies do to increase the quality of the content that they post to their social media.  They use photos and videos to engage their audience and make it easier for their fans to read.  They also run contests on their social media channels to promote products, and also other company’s when collaborating on a contest.  They share detailed information about products or events coming up. The final thing is that they are very interactive with their fans and followers.  Interacting on posts really helps build rapport for the company with their fans.


Choice Music:



What is Social Sharing? And 3 Companies to Learn From

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