Hi there!

I am Silvie Pradhan. I am from Bhubaneswar, India. I am a full-time student with NWTC perusing Digital marketing. I just completed my 1 year in the USA. In India, I was working with a giant company named Wipro and WNS as a senior associate in sales. I quit my job and get married in the year 2017 and moved to the USA with my husband who is working with Humana as a software developer. In my free time, I love clicking pictures and edit and also, I have an interest in taking videos and editing those on software. I am a social media freak and regularly post pictures, videos, and status on my social media platforms.

Interesting things I did in the USA (2018-2019):

Arora lights haunting:

Yes! You read it right. I and my husband wanted to see Aurora lights and we always keep on tracking with the help of an app about the frequency. I remember it was mid-August, we went to one of the darkest state park named Newport state park in Door County with our camera and lenses around 12;30 at night. And we experienced one of the beautiful views through the lens.

Hiking, camping and Road trips.

I and my husband love going camping and did covered most of the places in summer like Apostle island, door county and etc. But one of the best place is the porcupine mountain. We went in the month of mid-Oct and the view was breathtaking. We stayed in our cute little tent for 2 days and experienced a beautiful fall.

Porcupine Mountain Fall

Cities and fun

So we explored Las Vegas, Arizona, Michigan, and Illinois.

I love Las Vegas because I won 1000$ in Casino (LOL!) and also, we got free VIP entry pass in David Guetta live concert. (To know how I got free, then you need to contact me :D)

  • Though I am a snow-loving person, so we did some experiments in the snow like throwing hot water in the air, snow bubble, and also this year we made snowwoman (Yes! Woman!) and snow angel too. From this winter we started learning snowboarding too.
  • And of course, not the last but the least, I joined NWTC, It’s also an adventure for me, making new friends, learning American accent (Though still, I am not pro on that), participating in events, learning new things around.

Future Goal:

I want to be a full-time blogger and vlogger in which I am working on it. Hope I can find myself after some years with 1 million followers. 😊

Random facts about me!

              Birthday: 1st Sept 1990 (oh really!)

             I love dancing, cooking and I love tomato juice 🙂

So, I am really excited to gain more depth knowledge from this subject in social media marketing. And I hope through this post, you’ve known something about me and my interest. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Till then take care and keep smiling. #nwtcdigitalmarketing

“God, Goals,Growing & Glowing”


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