Blog Post #4 Emails

Everyone has an email and I am pretty sure everyone in this class has to have an email. Without emails we wouldn’t have ways to communicate with each-other other than talking in person and through texts. I’m not sure about you but I think emails are very important. We use emails daily, from sending someone a work message to even messaging a friend even though we can just text them, but either way emails are a very important communication tool that we are allowed to use for free. With that being said, why do you think companies like to get you as a consumer on their email list?

Looking throughout my emails there was a lot from NWTC everything from student involvement, rave alerts, my classes, counseling, and even jobs they reached out to me. I like getting emails from the school because it keeps me in the loop, all I have to do is check my email and most of the information is already there, a really good platform of communication. I usually get emails from NWTC daily and it doesn’t bother me anything since it sometimes answer my question and I don’t have to ask my instructors anything. I don’t really look at a lot of emails because usually everything I need to read is just in the first couple of words and if it appeals to me I’ll read it but other than that I don’t really check them

I like reading emails that I am expecting to get, anything from shoe release dates, my order conformations, to getting an email saying that my work was received through Black Board. When I did get my school refund I remember just reading the subject line and all it said was, “School Refund” or something along those lines and I clicked immediately. I think once you put something in bold letters are even just putting something important in the subject line is important because the person receiving the email will know if they want to click on it or not, they can get a general idea of what is happening.

Companies use emails because they want your feedback so that they can send it to their database. It is a good method because at least a few people will click on your email and read it and maybe even write back. I usually do not click on company emails or even sign up for emails from a company but that’s just me. I know they’re just trying to get their name out and market but I don’t like seeing a lot of emails I literally just use them for school and job purposes. I think I would rather get a text about what their company has to offer to be honest. In the end though we all send and read emails, so it doesn’t hurt to sign up for a couple company emails, besides one day when you’re sending out emails you can learn and see multiple ways people/companies send out their unique emails.

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Blog Post #4 Emails

One thought on “Blog Post #4 Emails

  1. dgarza920 says:

    I thought your post was good. Today everyone has an email. It is a basic requirement for individuals now. You need them for school, business, companies that offer online promotions/marketing. I agree with you that email is a great way to communicate with others. Also that companies use emails to not only get feedback but to also attract customers to their business/website.


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