This week I decided to clean out my email inbox. I had over 1,ooo emails that I scanned but didn’t really look into. So I went through them. Majority were from surveys and the rest were from eBay and Amazon.

I signed up for the eBay and Amazon notifications because I do a lot of online shopping. I want to know when items that I am interested in go on sale. The survey emails I just get. I don’t know how they got my email address but they are always there. I receive emails from these senders multiple times every day. I never look at the survey ones but I will look at the eBay and Amazon emails. If the subject line catches my attention I will read through the email. Every email subject line is different. For the most part the subject line matches the content of the email. I rarely click on anything within these emails. If I am interested in a n item, I leave the email in my inbox until I have time to actually read through and look at the item.

I think all these senders send too many emails. They should only send 2 or 3 a day. eBay and Amazon send good offers and content. I also believe that I get all of these emails because they are sent to the entire database. I do believe these emails accomplish its objective. Some of the emails catches my attention and I will click on the items to learn more about them.

Emails are a very effective way of attracting customers and keeping current customers coming back. Emails should continue to be used to market ones products.

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