Never Empty Email Box

There are certain emails that I get that I am not sure how I actually get them since I never signed up for them. The never ending emails that we get day in and day out come from things that I have clicked on through other emails or websites. I feel that even though they say they don’t share your email, they do behind the scenes when there is sites that are connected with other sites.

One of my favorite emails are the Victoria Secret ones, the main reason there sales are amazing and that is the only time I will shop there. They always have some sort of catching sale line for their subject line. For instance, Flash Sale…who doesn’t love a flash sale at one of the stores you shop at. Once you open up the email it adversities what is on sale and it is one click to pick the items.

Always a good sale

This email was spot on for getting my attention. One click and the page had exactly what they were advertising in their subject line. It is a sale that is only a few hours long and it is open starting at a certain time.

There are other emails I receive that advertise sales but there is more confusion on what is actually on sale.
Get Your Gear Some Gear for Less Than $30 This is the subject line from a Groupon email. This line and most of their other subject lines don’t draw me in. They have advertised that you can get an extra amount of on your purchase through a certain time, it never works on what you actually want to buy or what they have advertised in the email.

Going back to Victoria Secret emails, there next emails are going to include sales on swimsuits. If they do it right it will be eye catching subject line, meaning BOGO 50% off. That does it everytime at that store. Swim season is coming along with vacations, perfect time to advertise their suits.

The one thing about this store and emails is it doesn’t reach every women out there. There is a certain age and size that it aims to push towards. The emails are easy to read, easy to buy off and explain the selling market behind it very well. The bad thing is that it aims for only certain women, and that to me is where I wish it was a email that everyone can get something off of. Regardless the size and the money you have. The brand influences that piece along with other top brands.

Never Empty Email Box

2 thoughts on “Never Empty Email Box

  1. Hannah Gillen says:

    I really enjoyed reading through your analysis of the different emails you receive! You can really tell when a company pays attention to what they’re sending their customers and Victoria Secret is a great example of that.


  2. sarahaikins says:

    Victoria’s Secret is definitely one of those companies where a majority of their emails are up my ally, because they always involve a good deal. I appreciated your analysis, and I’m in the same boat as you, scrolling through my e-mails I found some stragglers from companies that I definitely never signed up to receive their emails…


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