Get to Know me!

If you want to get to know me a little bit more you have landed on the perfect page!  My name is Yri Diane Sanchez and this year I have decided to enroll in the Digital Marketing Program at NWTC, this would be a Technical Diploma. I am currently loving it so far I have always been interested in the business/marketing aspect of things. Currently I am debating if I want to continue to pursue my marketing bachelors degree. I’m currently attending NWTC and I am a full time student and I also work full time at Target as well. It definitely has been challenging for me to balance school and work and life but I do feel like it will all be worth it.

I have been busy with school but I also do some hobbies that I enjoy. One of those hobbies would be YouTube. On YouTube I create videos with beauty related content. Overall I love YouTube and love watching videos, meaning that I spend a lot of time on it. Another platform that I spend a lot of time on would be Instagram. I like to get fashion and makeup inspiration on Instagram and I also like to keep connected with my family and friends as well. One day I would like social media to be part of my life, because it is a fun creative outlet that helps marketers grow their business, with a small budget.

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Link to my YouTube Channel

    I am currently taking the Marketing Analytics class because analytics is huge for marketers to measure their marketing campaigns performance. Since I have taken other marketing classes that have touched on marketing analytics I know that this is essential for determining ROI ( return on investments) for an ad or marketing campaign. Although I do have some knowledge of Marketing Analytics I am excited to learn more. If you would like to learn more about Marketing Analytics you can visit Word Stream  for more information.

If things go as plan, in five years I am planning to be running my own online business. I would like it to be related to beauty or fashion, and I would be running the marketing side of it. I have always wanted to own my own business since I am a creative minded person and I would love to sell items that are different and people love to use. Anyway now you know a little more about me! I hope that you enjoyed getting to know me just a little bit better.

Get to Know me!

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