The Making of a Marketer

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First a little bit about me.

My name is Dave and I’m a graduate of the NWTC Business Management program and I have a bachelors degree from UWGB. For work, I have an amazing job with NWTC and I also own a small hobby t-shirt business. One of my true passions is to be able to help others and I feel very blessed to be able to do that every day.

I’m currently working to complete a certificate in digital marketing. It’s crossed my mind to continue on and complete the Technical Diploma, but I’ll cross that bridge at a later date. I’ve been called a little crazy for my desire to keep Eric Thomastaking classes when I have a lot of other things going on in my life, but I believe in life long learning. I also believe it’s important to dream big and keep grinding.



So Why Digital Marketing?

One of the HUGE benefits of the web is that there is a very low barrier of entry into eCommerce.  That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of competition, but a person can literally set up an online store front and start selling products with a fairly minimal investment over a cup of coffee. Of course, it takes much more than putting together a store and having success selling products. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes a certain set of skills and knowledge to make it all work. And if you’re following where I’m going with this, you’ve guess correctly that part of those skills and that knowledge is, DIGITAL MARKETING!

Digital Marketing encompasses a variety of areas. From Social Media to Email campaigns and Website SEO, but were all of these things ultimately lead to is some sort of sales funnel. I thought chapter 1 of Mobil Marketing Essentials did a nice job of explaining the new way of implementing a sales funnel.  A successful sales funnel continues after a purchase to  building trust and brand loyalty. Customers who become loyal to a brand are more likely to make purchases in the future and also tell others about the brand which will in turn create more customers.

It’s Genius!


The Making of a Marketer

2 thoughts on “The Making of a Marketer

  1. Haden Blau says:

    Hey Dave! It’s really cool that you are keeping a hobby t-shirt business going, certainly what you learn in this class would help with that! Also, it’s very commendable that you have the desire to continue learning new things throughout life, certainly a good trait to have.


  2. sars123456 says:

    Daveeeeeee!!!!! HOW ARE YOU!? It was so nice to see you the other day. I hope you and your family are keeping well. I am so proud of you as you continue to pursue your passion!! So happy you are in this class too…look forward to learning together! Have a great rest of the semester
    ~Sarah S.


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