Advertise local, it matters!


From gym options to chiropractor, when a customer has a need they are going to start their search on their phone. To be a successful business owner, you’re going to have to make sure you’re set up for these mobile searches. Not doing so leaves you at a disadvantage and may even be the difference in thriving and growing and your business or failing altogether.

What do I need to know?

Local advertising is the process of running advertisement that will target an audience in a particular geographical area. Specifically, it would mean a business is running an ad campaign which will put their ads in front of people in their area to get them to visit their business. An example of this is recently I had been dealing with some back pain. I of course went to google to do some research on what could be the cause. After spending some time researching, I opened up Facebook and just like that, an ad for a local chiropractor!

Why is this important?

The numbers are out and we know that when people are in need of a good or service, they are very likely to start their research from a mobile device. This means that at any given moment customers are actively searching for goods and or services that you may provide. If you are not targeting these potential customers and your competitors are, guess who will be getting their business?

How do I start?

Mobile advertising is a whole field of study and to outline everything one would need to know in a short blog post isn’t possible. However, two of the most common platforms most people use for advertising are Google and Facebook.

Google ads require a Google AdWords account which you are able to bid on keywords that a potential customer might use. Google will then display your ad on the top of the search page.



Facebook ads require setting up Facebook Ads Manager with a Business account. When creating an ad campaign you have the ability to target specific audiences by age, location, interests among others. Like if someone is searching for how to remedy back pain!


Advertise local, it matters!

2 thoughts on “Advertise local, it matters!

  1. k8linlotto says:

    I think many people should look into ads for local businesses, especially on Facebook or even Instagram. I find a lot of places on social media now days. If not an ad, at least a page of their own that they are using often and having people share to get their name out there!


  2. sars123456 says:

    This is a great example…the one for the chiro. Advertising locally most certainly has advantages and I would hope (I know I do) customers enjoy shopping local. It is amazing how social media has changed our lives. I think it is important as a business person, but also as a consumer, to understand how the data/information is being used. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.


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