Amazon Vs. Walmart Mobile App

When looking at the topics for this blog post, I thought I’m more of a hands on person and do best with visuals. To say the least, reading isn’t my thing as much. I just downloaded these apps to do my research. I have shopped both Amazon and Walmart online, but never downloaded the apps. I never download many apps for stores and such unless it gives me some sort of other reward or something else that will really benefit me. Without further ado, let’s dive into these apps.

When opening the app, Amazon just shows me the home page, but Walmart asks to use my location, most likely to see where the nearest Walmart is to me to help me shop and also asks if it can send me notifications. I think the notifications themselves can make a difference, as it keeps one up to date with deals and much more.

Looking at the home pages, they are much like their website as Amazon shows the deal of the day and other categories of items and deals. The menu is located in the top left hand corner with a search bar right below and the cart in the top right hand corner. Walmart shows some new things, seasonal items and some sale items. There is a search bar at the top of the app, with some categories underneath is a scroll bar sort of set up. There are also some icons on the bottom for home, reorder, services, cart, and account. In terms of use, I think the Amazon app menu is a bit easier to use, but I do think some of the other things like reorder on Walmart and the services may be very useful.

I decided to play with some other features to see what stands out in the apps. Looking at my cart with nothing in it, Amazon says my cart is empty but also mentions that returns are easy, and at the bottom says customer who bought items in your recent history also bought, and shows some similar items to what I had looked at. Doing the same in the Walmart app, it just simply says my cart is empty and shows me some items trending on Walmart.

“Your Shopping Cart lives to serve. Give it purpose– fill it with books, CDs, DVDs, toys, electronics, and more. If you already have an account, Sign In to see your Cart.”

Another thing I had looked for was customer service or some way to contact the company if I needed help. On the Amazon app, there is a customer service option on the bottom on the menu. When clicking on that, it wants me to log in or create an account, which can be frustrating if you do not have an account already, even though I understand that usually you would contact if you have or are looking to buy something. For amazon, this may help to have people make an account right away. When looking on the Walmart app, all I could find was under my account, a list of customer service which included feedback, terms of use, help, and privacy policy. To actually find somewhere to contact, I had to click on help which brought me to some options and contact on their website. This was a little more hidden and harder to find.

I’m sure I could keep diving into different parts of the apps to pick them apart, but overall I personally like the Amazon app as I think it is a little more user friendly and personalizes to what I look up, even without logging into my account. They both had a lot of good features, some personalized to what they both offer, but I think Amazon has a bit of a lead on Walmart, especially when it comes to finding customer service and their cart. Let me know what you think of these apps or maybe other similar apps and what they are doing well and what you may have struggled with or could be changed.


Amazon Vs. Walmart Mobile App

2 thoughts on “Amazon Vs. Walmart Mobile App

  1. hannahneecenwtc says:

    I also chose to write about this topic and I came to the same conclusion you did – the amazon app is overall better. Thanks for an interesting post!


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