Marketing Data Terms

In Marketing there is a lot of data terms that might seem foreign when you are just beginning to learn about them. But don’t worry! I am going to go in detail about essential data terms every marketer should know. Although the truth is if you are a Marketer the have probably heard of these terms before and just want to know a little bit more about the details. Also if you’re just wondering in general what these terms mean I will explain them in a nutshell!


If you own an Iphone you have most likely seen that your phone uses iCloud to store information like pictures and videos. You might wonder how this is different than regular memory storage. This feature is a Cloud and essentially what it is, is a data storage that is connected to the internet, this provides the user with on demand resources for data storage. The cloud is used to store information on the internet instead of on your computer or your phone. Some examples of this would be Google Drive, and Netflix as well. The cloud is very useful if you want to get a hold of your data storage on a different electronic device. For example if you wanted to view your Iphone pictures that are saved on Icloud on your Mac book you are able to do so.

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster…carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.”

-Steve Jobs


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. This is the language you will want to use, so the database understands what you’re trying to look for. The language can be used to retrieve a large amount of data. This can be beneficial to marketers as they don’t have to enter a long code to view the information.


This is a very common term used in marketing overall. Essentially what a Query does is take the information from a database and makes it comprehensive for the user. Although you must write the Query in SQL form. This is used for making data easier to read and understand. As many know in marketing if the data is not structured to be read and analyze it’s useless. If you would like more information on this term I will leave a link below.

Query Information



No this is not the sweet round baked goods that you love. In your browser the term cookies refers to pieces of information that are stored in your browser. Essentially how cookies work is when you visit a site. For example I went on Amazon and I wanted to buy a ring. I will look up in the search bar and look up rings. Eventually I would add an item into my cart but for some reason I did not purchase the item. Amazon has implanted cookies in my computer to track me through the web. By using Amazon you are already agreeing that they are able to use cookies. Later that day I may come upon a ring ad for amazon, and remember that I wanted a ring and end up purchasing from Amazon. This is a very beneficial tool for marketers as they can increase sales. If you would like to learn more about cookies I will leave a link below.

Cookies Information

Key Terms

In conclusion all of these terms are key terms that are important to know if you are a marketer or even if you just wanted to be aware of data terms for your own knowledge. They can help you make more sense of the internet and the data that it collects from people. I hope you found all these terms description and helpful.


Marketing Data Terms

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  1. emileee says:

    Great break down of these terms, Yri. You make them seem friendly and approachable! I also thought the outside resources you linked to were pretty good too. Thanks for sharing!


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