1800 Flowers & Redbox Case Studies

When it comes to mobile marketing and the apps, I feel fairly familiar in them, but more from a customer stand point. Like I mentioned before, I have some stores that I get text messages from for sales, coupons, etc. I also tend to do a lot of my online shopping on my mobile device, aka my phone. I decided to take a look at the chapter 4 and 5 case studies and discuss them further.

“Fresh flower delivery is easy with the 1-800-Flowers app. Send flowers, plants and gifts anywhere or anytime while on the go in just a few easy clicks.”

First looking at chapter 4 case study which is on 1800 Flowers.com. They used direct marketing, like text messaging, to increase their ROI. The had tested this during the time near Mother’s Day, as that is a time to tug on a mothers emotions not only through flowers, but through messaging. They had created free digital stickers to download and send. This not only helped create a connection for those downloading, but was branding for those receiving the stickers, as the had the company name on there. This is something I never would have thought of doing, but I think is genius especially how they used it to fit their company. This increased sales, their social media followers, and much more. If they were to improve the stickers in anyway, maybe be able to share them on social media, or even customize some of the stickers, whether that would be free or a small cost.

Looking at the chapter 5 case study on Redbox, which discusses the app and how this has engaged more people. I am a user of Redbox, but do not have the app (but will after reading this). The app helps find the nearest location and reserve movies or games, and more. This is something I think many companies could do to improve their business, looking mainly at brick and mortar businesses can digitally market their non-ditigal products. This reminds me of how many apps now like restaurants or stores like Walmart, many apps have a spot to find the nearest location, and even order or reserve items ahead of time. Many stores now do a pick up from store for products, even stores like Buckle. This is super convenient for things like clothing I think, mainly in that we as people don’t want to deal with other people or a rush of going out and shopping. But then again, like if we’re talking about clothing, as much as I like shopping online, I want something asap, so if that means picking it up in store, so be it.

I could ramble on and on about mobile marketing and apps, and the convenience of them, but it all comes back to the experience. These kind of things are only successful if they make something easier for the customer or solves some sort of problem. From looking at the 1800 Flowers app, this not only is great marketing for them, but is easier to order products and a little extra incentive never hurt. The Redbox app, helps the customer, but better get to know the customer and send notifications too and alerts and attract their business that way too.



1800 Flowers & Redbox Case Studies

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