Using my phone versus my laptop, what is easier? There are pluses and minuses to both but like most people in the world, I am a single mom who works full-time, goes to school full-time and has two teenage boys that forget that they need certain things till the last minute or it is too late. Which is easier, grabbing my phone that seems like it is attached to me 99% of the day to order off of, or open my laptop and start the whole process of turning it on.

Using this app to order things from my phone is what every young person is looking for. Instant gratification without a lot of work.

There are so many apps to choose from to order off of. There is uber, uber eats, amazon, Target, Walmart, and plenty more where that comes from. So, when I look at it on whether to use my phone or not, it would be yes. There are things that I can do on my phone versus on my laptop and things that I can do on my laptop instead of my phone. It is easier to use the app to do a quick order but if you look at the pictures below, which one looks more welcoming?

After looking at both pictures which one would you choose to shop from? It is easier to use the desktop version since it is nicely displayed but that isn’t what people go for anymore. Fast and easy. It seems that since everything is being wanted at the instant gratification level that we are missing out on so much. The apps that are used by most families, Amazon being one, could use a little revamping. They know what you want and they push those items to you, but what about items that are a hot deal and you miss out on! The app can only show so much. By only using apps for things we get stuck in our normal routines of what we order and use, what can we do to mix it up. Well if you put this class and the other ones we take for this program together, we can make apps and websites grow together.

“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” –Chris Brogan, Chief Executive Officer of Owner Media Group

The long story short, we need to start using the apps and websites to make people see the things they are missing. Slow it down and open our eyes to what is out there that we normally would not see. The question is how? How can we train people to think outside their norm, how do we collect the data we need to in order to give people what they may be looking for but just don’t know it yet?


One thought on “AMAZON IS MY FRIEND

  1. k8linlotto says:

    I do think the laptop is a bit easier to shop on, especially with more important things, or when it comes to checking out and entering information. Again, this depends on the website or company too. Some phone layouts of a website are more confusing or hard to use or navigate through and that is something I think would really drive me to use a desktop version of a site to shop or whatnot.


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