Diving into Marketing Data, Social Listening and Content Analysis

If you have been wondering what marketing data,  social listening, and content analysis in marketing you have come to right place to learn more about these terms! In the marketing world these terms are important to know to help your brand grow and increase ROI. I will also be touching on some online tools that can help you to do this for your brand.

Marketing Data

Marketing data is analytics that are used in marketing to study and improve the brand. This is done by studying the return of investments in marketing efforts. It is essential for a brand to know their marketing data as this helps a brand know if their marketing efforts are paying off and returning investments. This helps a brand to understand what is it that they have to do to improve their marketing efforts and increase profits. A few things that a brand will most likely look at in their data to know if a marketing campaign is effective would be the following

Social Listening

“Your content has no value unless it moves, unless people see it, engage with it and actively share it.”

– Mark Schaefer

Social listening is essentially keeping track of your business social media platforms and the feedback that they receive. So you would want to take a look into the engagement of your platforms and look at the feedback that is being provided.You will most likely want to make any changes that are needed to increase customer engagement, and the brands engagement as well. Social listening is truly important for brands to thrive on social media.

Although brands want to be able to keep track of all engagement and feedback it might be hard if your social media platforms have quite the following. So you’d want to take a look at some social listening tools to help you.


This is a well known social media marketing tool, as it easily lets you keep track of all the metrics of your social media platforms . As well as post content and answer comments all in one site. I personally have previously used this and I think this is a great tool, I love the feature that lets you schedule post.  If you’d like to find more social listening tools you can find more on HubSpot.

Content Analysis

Content analysis means to summarize the content of photos, audio, digital texts and visual formats of communications through numbers. The reason that people do content analysis is to find out the link there is between the content provided and the effect that it has on the audience. To make a content analysis on you’ll want to use a tool that will easily help you make an analysis.


This is a content analysis tool that will help you brand do a content analysis. This is a very popular tool for marketers as it lets you know what content is performing the best as well as it lets you know brand mentions and backlinks. This is a free tool to use and it is perfect if you are in search of a content analysis but don’t want to invest in one yet. Impact can let you know of more free content analysis tools.


Overall these terms are essential for every business to know and will want to use these techniques to improve their marketing techniques. To perform these strategies you will want to use the tools that I mention above or follow the links to find out more free tools to use!

Diving into Marketing Data, Social Listening and Content Analysis

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