Malls are Dead, Mobile Commerce is the Trend

It has come to the point where mall stores in large cities across the US are struggling to keep things lively and running and online sales are overruling. Over the past 10 years, the web has evolved immensely and social media platforms have never been more significant in people’s life. We are truly in the evolution of online/digital marketing, making it more convenient then ever to be influenced by online ads, social media ads, pop-up ads, email campaigns, and now mobile campaigns. It is the convenience provided by the web that continues to trump physical store locations day in and day out.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce is a transaction performed on a tablet or mobile phone. These transactions are commonly performed through web browsers and/or downloaded apps like for retail and grocery stores.


By 2021, mobile ecommerce are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales.

The amount of things people use mobil commerce for on the daily is crazy when you think about it. Shopping on Amazon continues to be very heavily present, but yet seems like old news. We have come to the point in life where almost every grocery store has an app to perform all shopping online and even offer at home deliveries rather then an in-store pick-up. People in large cities rely on Lyft, Uber, and other similar apps available for their daily commute and transportation services. And now, there is Uber Eats and Grubhub taxi services for specifically transporting take-out food to people!

Mobile commerce has opened up so many windows and opportunities for retail and business to promote, advertise, develop incentives and rewards, create convenience, offer online-only limited items, and over generate more sales. With that said and coming to realization of how essential mobile commerce has became for some; I think it is fair to say that within the next year or so — if not already — we will have reached the point where if a retail store does not have a mobile app, it will just seem outright silly.

Reference #1: Mobile Commerce 101

Reference #2: How Mobile Apps Are Reshaping the E-commerce Industry

Malls are Dead, Mobile Commerce is the Trend

2 thoughts on “Malls are Dead, Mobile Commerce is the Trend

  1. Haden Blau says:

    Shopping online has definitely become my preferred way to shop for most goods. It is a shame that many malls are suffering as a result because I do think there are still a reason to have brick and mortar shopping centers.


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