6 Mobile Marketing Trends- Engagement Strategies

In this blog post I will be discussing the article of the 6 trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019. The article states what they think will happen with mobile marketing for 2019.

Trend #1- Mobile Video

Mobile Video has made a big impact on 2018 and it is just gonna a bigger impact on 2019. It is just becoming easier with all the different social media platforms that are out there. I personally watch videos on my phone daily. Either on Facebook or Instagram. Those videos are the shorter ones that just show what they need and move on but the longer videos like on YouTube and Netflix I usually watch on my Macbook because then the screen is bigger and it is easier to watch because I don’t have to hold my computer.

When it comes to Facebook Watch and Instagram’s IGTV those should grow and be successful. They are struggling toto get going. I have never even hear of either one of these so that means they have not advertised them very often. Then need to get it out there and put in peoples feed so they can learn about what they all entail and grow. Both of these have an ability to grow but, they need to get the names out there so people do go find out what they are. They just need to promote more aggressively.

Trend # 2- Voice Tech


Voice tech is like using Alexa or the Amazon Echo. I feel like people are buying these more often now once they see or hear someone else use one. I think they are pretty nice and very convenient. The smart speaker is just waiting there to help with something like play music or set a reminder or even ask what the weather is going to be like. I think this trend will keep growing and even more voice tech speakers will be created. I have a feeling Apple will come out with one at some point. It is nice because it is hands free and fast for everyone in this technology based world.

Trend #3- Social Commerce

In this generation social media platforms are just becoming the usual for marketing. Personally my newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram always has different ads to “shop now”. This makes shopping super easy and gets people to engage within different products that are trying to be sold. Most of the shopping online is a one step process and takes you directly to the page where you then can pick out what style product you want and then right then and there you can purchase it. I have clicked on an ad and it did take me to just the normal website and not product specific so then I had to sit and search for that product and by then I totally forgot what product I was looking for or found a different product I like. The one step process is way easier and I feel like more companies will focus more on that because it is easier and quicker.

Trend #4- Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is just going to keep growing and be used more often. Marketers will be looking more at influencers to help them grow but also focus on going small. They need to focus on the “small” which means touching more locally. Focus on specific areas rather than being very general. I feel this will work because the more specific you the the more people you can touch because they are focusing on different groups and communities.

Trend #5- 5G

With 5G it will make everything faster like downloads up to 10x faster. The faster speeds will make marketers be able to dig deeper into different things. This will also give a better experience for mobile users. 5G is also supposed to expand the amount of different games for mobile devices. It is predicted to be faster than 4G and grow with connected devices like cars, speakers, headphones.

Trend #6- AR


AR as known as Augmented Reality is continuously growing. It is so cool that you can mix the real world with digital just by using the camera on your mobile phone. I can’t wait to see where this takes the world and how much they will rely on it in the future.

Overall, I thought this article was very interesting and I did learn a lot while reading it. All the statistics were fun to read. I am excited to see where mobile marketing takes us even in 2019. It is fun to compare what mobile marketing was like even growing up to now. It is so different and is growing a very large amount.

” If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”

Wendy Clark
6 Mobile Marketing Trends- Engagement Strategies

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