Engagement Strategies – Mobile Marketing Trends

For this blog post, I chose to review the article provided about six trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019. The article itself opens by stating it is a “deep dive”, so let’s get into it!

The first trend that is mentioned in this article is the fight for mobile video dominance. As a frequent user of social media, I have witnessed how this is changing throughout the years. When Snapchat came out, they were virtually the first of their kind to offer a type of video communication that was fast, simple, and easy to use. Ads were introduced to Snapchat shortly after its genesis. They appeared in the “explore” tab of the app. They would also use celebrity endorsements by hiring celebs to promote a certain product using the tools associated with the app. Another mobile video platform that I see video advertisements on is Instagram. The similar tactic is used – the occasional commercial post with various celebrity endorsements sprinkled in. Here is a great article that talks more about advertising on Snapchat and how to do so.

The second trend mentioned in this article relates to the use of voice technology popping up in user’s household, specifically referring to products like Alexa or Google Home. From my personal experience, I didn’t see much of a use for these devices. I received one as a gift along with some programmable light bulbs to connect to the device. I just had to set up the Google Home using my phone and twist in the light bulbs. Overall, it has been a nice feature in my apartment, but it is not something that I consider to be vital. It’s convenient at times, but I can easily use other methods so I consider it replaceable.

The third trend mentioned in this article is social commerce: the new price of admission. This is referring to the fact that some platforms may charge you a fee to access them. As a currently broke college student, I tend to stay far away from these apps and opportunities because I don’t see it as a necessary investment.


The fourth trend mentioned in this article refers to something I have already brought up within this post – utilizing social influencers for advertisements and paid promotions. I follow several “influencers” on Instagram and Twitter, and notice the paid promotion posts daily. Personally, I don’t get offended by people posting “too many” paid advertisements. I don’t take it too seriously and understand that part of being a content creator will mean sharing paid advertisement posts. Here is an article that explains the modern Instagram influencer.

The fifth trend mentioned in this article is appropriately about upgrading mobile devices from a 4G system to 5G. This means that download speeds will increase, among other things – providing for a faster and more secure access to data, apps, and the Internet.

The sixth trend mentioned in this article relates to augmented reality moving from apps to the mobile web. I personally find this trend most interesting and think that watching this grow will be a vital part of marketing over the next decade.


Engagement Strategies – Mobile Marketing Trends

3 thoughts on “Engagement Strategies – Mobile Marketing Trends

  1. k8linlotto says:

    I agree that the voice technology is nice and neat, but not really necessary. If I had an AI system like an Alexa, I think I would mostly use it for music or other random questions, which these things can easily be taken care of by my phone though.


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