Go Mobile or Go Home

Mobile marketing is the way to go now days, and it continues to evolve and grow. I’ve taken a look at some of the trends for 2019 and evaluated to see what I agree with and what I don’t agree with so much. This includes everything from video marketing, social media marketing, AI systems, and much more. Let’s dive in and break things down.

To start with, yes, I would agree that mobile marketing is definitely growing. I myself nearly live on my phone. I wake up, look at social media, use my phone to navigate on the road, text and call people, check emails, and so much more! Being a millennial, this is no surprise really though. I think the biggest thing for me lately is social media marketing. Facebook and Instagram is always popping up with stores I may like or stores I already shop at with certain product I may have been searching for. Social media marketing is great for boosting awareness for certain brands or companies, especially if they have a page to follow and keep up with products, sales, etc. The one thing that could change which was mentioned was how you shop from these links and such. Usually when a product is shown on social media, if there is a link, it just leads to the website. What if there was a different way to simply shop from the social media page, or at least make the checkout from there a bit easier.

Still sticking with social media a bit, video marketing is a big thing, and I agree with some of this. When it comes to Facebook and Instagram having their own sort of TV, I think this is unnecessary. I personally watch some videos that pop up on my feed or watch videos on YouTube. It is said that YouTube will continue to grow, which does not surprise me, but also other sort of live video streams and such like Twitch, which I thought gamers only used, and TikTok, which I wouldn’t think of a place to market necessarily. I do think live videos can be very useful on social media like Facebook. The boutique I currently work at, we have at least 1 or probably more live videos a week sharing what sale we having going on, new product, and more. This is a great way to show customers what is really happening and keep up with the company. I see a lot of independent distributers using live videos on Facebook to help show product and sell it directly from there, especially LuLaRoe. I think this is a unique but genius way to show things off and even make sales from there.

“Videos are the most consumed form of content across the devices. In fact, more than 70% of YouTube video views are via mobile.”

Now looking into more futuristic and crazier technology, AI and AR are going to be growing, supposedly, in the coming years. AI is Artificial Intelligence or smart speakers , like “Alexa” and AR is augmented reality. First looking at AI, I don’t think this will necessarily grow much, but again that is mostly my opinion because I have never really seen the point of these because everything they do can simply be done by one’s phone. Looking past that, AI will start to recognize what a shopping is trying to achieve when asking to buy something. An example of this may be certain brands of something they already buy like laundry detergent. Amazon is currently using AI to order things which can be helpful, but again, why not just use a phone to buy things. AR is something still fairly new to many but I can see this becoming a big thing. Ikea currently uses this to help people see what furniture from there may look like in their home. Being one that has worked in the home design industry, I can see this being very helpful, especially for people that have a hard time visualizing (which turns out is many). This can be used in many other ways, like in fashion and make up, to help visualize how things may look on ourselves without having to actually put anything on at all. Although, this may not be the most realistic way to look at things, it helps at-least get a better idea for something without actually having it.

To say the least, there is no way mobile marketing is dying anytime soon, it is high on the rise. With technology growing, and 5G on the way, we will have even more capabilies when it comes to getting what we want from our mobile devices. I’m especially excited to see things like AR grow and evolve and live videos as these will definitely help with my shopping!




8 Mobile Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2019

Go Mobile or Go Home

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