Video Marketing and does it UK?

Recently I was wondering about video marketing and advertising. I know it’s important, but where does it show up? And does it work the same if I was in the United Kingdom and not here in the United States?

vid mark

Video Marketing is a very effective business tool. The increase in the usage of smartphones has given video marketing a new life.  Mobile Video marketing is rapidly becoming the top marketing trend in the world. Studies have shown that mobile video marketing is even more popular than video marketing on desktop format. This is because of the fact that mobile phones are becoming more and more user friendly and people spend more time on their phones instead of looking at the computer screen.

One of the best things about mobile video marketing is that it has a global reach. You can market your business to millions of people through just a simple video.

Platforms For Mobile Advertising

A recent study conducted in 2018 has shown that almost 53% of consumers get engaged in a brand after viewing their video on social media. It is an established fact that people prefer to use social media on their mobile phones instead of their desktops or laptops. Social Media apps provide the most effective platform for mobile video advertising.

There are different types of mobile video advertisements. Some of them are given below;

In-Stream Video Ads

These are the video ads that are shown

youtube adto people before they are shown the actual video or page they clicked to see. The most prominent example of in-stream video ads is video ads on YouTube, 

which is a growing place for video ads.


“Every major European market saw continued growth on YouTube; Italy led the pack with a 32% increase in views, with Spain close behind with a 25% increase.”

When you click on a video, you are shown an ad that can be skipped after five seconds. These ads are an example of in-stream video ads.

Out-Stream Video Ads

These are the ads that are shown outside of the video player on a certain website. Let’s take the example of YouTube once again. When you are watching a video on YouTube you can also see a video ad on the side or top of the screen as well. These ads are usually soundless. You can also see these ads at the bottom of your mobile screen while you are using an app. There are certain gaming apps that need you to view a video in order to get some bonus rewards.

In-Display Video Ads

In Display Video Ads are the ads that are shown in search results and related video sections. They are based on the content you are currently viewing.

youtube ad 2

How does this work in the UK?

The methods for video marketing in the UK are the same as in the United States. The same algorithms are used to highlight your product to a specified audience. Your demographic characteristics, your location, and your past searches are some of the factors that are taken into consideration before an ad is shown to you on your mobile device.

You should always keep a few things in mind before creating your video ad for mobiles. Create an ad that would work on all mobile operating systems. Video ads should be short and to the point. Mobile Advertising has gained a lot of prominence over the years. Businesses in the UK and all over the world have realized the importance of mobile video advertising. This is one of the reasons that so many companies have started to invest heavily in mobile video advertising.

Video Marketing and does it UK?

2 thoughts on “Video Marketing and does it UK?

  1. Haden Blau says:

    The power of mobile video advertising is certainly made evident by your blog post. An interesting idea looking at how this area varies (or is similar) by country.


  2. emileee says:

    I never considered how many video ads I come across while browsing the web, they are so well-integrated. It makes sense video marketing is as effective as it is. I appreciate how you took the time to explain the different kinds of video ads we come across too.


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