Brand Recall

A lot of us tend to be brand loyal, it is just something that we do as consumers. It could be that your family has only used this certain brand and now you feel obligated to go with this brand too. Maybe you find this brand better than other products on the shelves, there is a lot of reasons why people stick to a certain brand and don’t care to try out another brand. One thing that comes with brand loyalty is Brand Recall. Brand Recall is being able to retrieve the brand from your memory, a lot of us stick to one brand because it sticks in our head from what we purchased last time and there is a high chance that we liked the outcome of our last purchase with that said product.

A lot of don’t stop to realize this but we do it every day with shopping whether it is from clothes, food, cars, even technology, we all have a certain brand that we like to stick with. It’s not even because we like to have to own the newest stuff it is just because we remember from our memory of last time we picked up that product and nine times out of ten we were happy with our purchasing decision. Brand Recall is super important if you do want loyal customers because the consumer will always be thinking about last time they purchased fro your brand. Were they happy, mad, sad, did they even feel instant regret after buying it? Those are important because you want to make the consumer feel good about your product that you’re selling them so it doesn’t hurt to try and give them a survey about their purchasing decisions which would give you feedback to know if they would purchase from you again. First impressions really do count so we should take into consideration that the consumer’s first memory should be a good one.

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Being able to understand Brand Recall is very important because as consumers that is one thing that is super important and that is to make the memories of a brand product a good one so people can still go back to you, maybe they started having trouble with another brand so they went out on a limb and tried yours, there will always be multiple reasons why people buy a certain brand but a big percentage of that is the consumer was happy and has nothing but good memories of that brand and that brand only. Sure they can go and try other brands out but why would they have to if they’re guaranteed satisfaction with your brand. You want them to recognize your brand and keep that going and build up a reputation with them so they recognize your brand anywhere from a billboard or social media ad. I can guarantee you will get people to come back to buy your brand if you make the first impression a good one and make them recognize your brand anywhere because they will remember what the product was and think they could go back because they were satisfied last time might as well keep it going.

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Brand Recall

2 thoughts on “Brand Recall

  1. sars123456 says:

    This was great! Thank you for sharing. It is so interesting how we get attached to brands and how the advertising around them can be very powerful. I just try to imagine how much money these companies spend trying to get us, as the consumers, to buy their products. I hope you have a nice week!


  2. Haden Blau says:

    I find the concept of brand loyalty very interesting. One would not think there would be so many loyal followers around companies people usually have no investment in. However, companies like Apple demonstrate how if you can get brand loyal consumers on your side they will continuously drive sales.


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