Campaign Life Cycle

Today I decided to take a closer look at campaign life cycle. My textbook did a good job of explain it but I wanted to get a little more information.

Campaign life cycle is the process of creating and running a campaign through several stages. Now my textbook went through the three main stages. The first stage is design. Design starts with exploratory research. You can use analytics or data from the web, or A/B tests. This data can be clustered, regressed, moderated, or mediated.

The second one discussed was implementation. This is when you do everything you can to ensure the success of the campaign. During this stage you want to pay close attention to the results of A/B tests. You may have to make adjustments or create new ones. The quote below is one that I thought fit not only to implementation but to our lives daily.

You need to implement your plan/strategies into action in order to move forward.

The last stage the textbook went through was evaluations. Evaluation is where you look to see if you have met the campaign goals. Every campaign has a specific set of goals. And if you didn’t meet the campaign goals here is where you think of ways to improve the campaign. This stage is also to determine how many resources should be spent on it in the future.

Now even though that information is enough to give you a good idea of the campaign life cycle, I wanted to learn more so I did some research. I found six steps to improve campaign life cycle. The first step is to grow your opt-in list. The second step is to determine your campaign goals. Third is to define the audience and create your segments. Fourth is to create a nurturing campaign. Fifth is to automate campaign tactics. And the final step is to track campaign effectiveness.

As you can see they are pretty much similar one just breaks it down into a little more detail. But knowing the campaign life cycle is an important part. It can help you in many ways.

Campaign Life Cycle

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