Germany’s Mobile Marketing

The mobile marketing in Germany has been on the rise for years. They are trying to keep up with other countries, which some are harder than others. Similar to a Wisconsin person going over to Germany or another country and trying to participate in a drinking contest. We would take it from what they say. Not really sure if that is a good thing to be known for.

In 2017 Germany started out with a little over 800,000 apps and when the article was written in September they were over 1.1 million apps. Compared to the United States, we had around 2.2 million apps by March of 2017. What does that say about as a country….there is an app for everything. Germany is the number one app market in Europe. France comes in second. For the amount of money they pay for their ads, they are planning for it to go from 3.5 million to 5.5 million by 2021. The question is, are they going to have enough consumers to make that money up and then some? That is the question that we still need to answer when we spend money on marketing in the mobile world or just the day to day world.

By looking at the picture below, that is only some of Germany’s mobile marketing apps and users. With each year Germany keeps growing their market with more users and more apps. Every country has to try to keep up with what is trending to stay on top of it. Most of the top used apps in Germany are travel ones. Where as in the US we are all about the social media apps. It makes me feel like we are about ourselves and sharing it with everyone than truly living. That brings up a good argument about are people living? We only get one life and the amount of time that we spend on our mobile devices is so sad. That is truly how we function. Germany’s apps in the top category are based off of travel which makes me realize that they are out their living and not worrying about what so and so is doing down the street.

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” – Robert Rose

With each year that Germany is growing it is not only having an effect on their market but others around the world. I wish that we would use our travel apps more and apps that are developed to see what there is to do. Our top apps are social media, how to compete with the person next to you. If you take Instagram, how many people are on their to learn about things and not just view how this or that person looks. We need to consider a lot of things on how we post but that will never happen. It makes us look very selfish and self centered Americans.

Germany’s Mobile Marketing

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