How important is Branding!

How you brand your product is very important. You have to make sure that you reach people and by reaching people I mean, when you need new tires, what is the first thing to pop in your mind? For me it is Michelin Tires because of the big white tire creature they have in their commercials and sometimes outside places they sell those tires. Brand recall is the ability to recall the brand from memory. Brand recognition is confirmation of brand you had exposure to.

This brand can either scare you with the creature or bring you to their store when your tire blows, but it will stick in your head for this brand.

Another brand that a lot of people use is Amazon. It has a picture of a smile and they offer Amazon prime. When you are sitting thinking about where to order something from fast and no shipping, Amazon pops out. 1-2 day shipping for free if it is with Amazon Prime. There are so many options with the prime that people don’t recognize the full brand. Amazon has just really started to push the movies and the music they offer to their prime guests. They have to try to keep up with the rest of the market in the movie, book and music area.

Amazons branding is their smile on their boxes, even on their logos. What makes a brand stick in your memory? That is the important question to all who are trying to sell something. How do we get people interested in the product they may have never heard of or seen before. It is all in the marketing of the brand. How you reach people and give the impression of your product is everything. What your product stands for. If you think about the most coming news with Amazon, you don’t have to mail the items back but just take them to Kohl’s to return them. In my head for branding on this one is that Kohl’s returns everything no questions asked. How is that going to effect the Amazon brand or even the Kohl’s brand? It is a lot to merge together and put under one roof. You have to think of when you do your budget, financials and even marketing, there is 2 companies and not just one.


If you look at branding from a distance and put it together with conversion rates and mobile marketing, people still need some sort of special thing to stick in their heads to remember your product. Your marketing can be key on and your conversion rates can be amazing, but really businesses still need to focus on a big branding to have consumers remember before other products.

How important is Branding!

2 thoughts on “How important is Branding!

  1. HeatherRenee' says:

    This got me thinking about Amazon, how far they’ve come and how far they are going. You can pretty much get everything you want from Amazon and in 2 days or less, depending on where you live. I love Amazon their brand is held in high regard with me. Their customer service is impeccable. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading your blog.


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