Japan’s Nuances- Mobile Marketing

A cultural Nuance is what distinguishes one culture from another, from greetings to manners every culture/country has their own form and makes the whole world diverse. I chose Japan because for one Japan always has a lot of technology and mobile marketing everywhere, Tokyo reminds me on Times Square. There is constantly new ads on your phone, your TV, the signs all in your face in Japan. It is a good thing because there is constantly room for change and there is nothing wrong with change. You don’t see the same old ad that has been playing the same lines for like a year, Japan is always changing with their trends from fashion to cars to lifestyle. So what better way to write a blog about constant change and trends than to start in Japan, the land of the rising sun.

Image result for mobile marketing japan
Image result for mobile marketing japan

Japans mobile culture is crazy, kind of like America because everyone has a mobile device and nine times out of ten those people are constantly using their mobile device from social media, weather, to games the list goes on and on because technology is the way to go and to get the mobile users attention we have to put ads in their face for them to recognize the brand and show them a little information about said brand. There is nothing but opportunity in Japan for a mobile marketer, it is almost like another America the way the mobile culture is over there but they’re more advanced with their ways. When I say technology from Japan you probably think of Toshiba, Toyota, and Sony. A lot of the companies and brands that are aware of technology came from Japan it is a thriving industry. However there is a downfall with Japan, capitalizing on that growth opportunity will not happen over night versus here in America people are eager to start up businesses and people are willing to try new stuff out. Japan is a country where they like to stick to what they know best and want to build quality relationships with technology, they want to be able to know about you before they do business with you so what better way to put a little something about yourself in those online social media ads.

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In the end Japan has a very unique and fun culture so don’t feel discriminated against if your mobile sales are not doing too well, in Japan they just want to get a feel for something new and want you to be reputable. That is one thing that stood out to me was that it can take years for your mobile sales to get attention in Japan but if you start up here in America you can be an over night sensation. That does not happen to everyone though if anything we’re similar in buying and purchasing. A lot of brand loyalty is earned and that is what Japan likes to do, as a business person you have to earn your way nothing is just going to get handed to you.



Japan’s Nuances- Mobile Marketing

3 thoughts on “Japan’s Nuances- Mobile Marketing

  1. Haden Blau says:

    It’s interesting reading about some of the cultural nuances Japan has when it comes to technology and mobile marketing. Nice post.


  2. k8linlotto says:

    I loved reading this blog post! It’s always hard to image what other countries are like, with their cultures and such. Japan seems so advanced, but not so much other times. I would be interested to see in person what it is like.


  3. mikejham27 says:

    Japan is such a powerhouse. We could learn so much from them. They stick to what they know and it is turning out well in their favor.


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