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My name is Aubree, I was born and raised in the ‘UP’ by way of Marquette, Michigan. I have love my hometown and am a proud Yooper! I am always advocating for people to visit Marquette, it’s a hidden gem, with so much to offer. A picture below was taken during a trip my boyfriend and I took a few years ago to Pictured Rocks:

kayak 027

I moved to Green Bay at 15 years old and started at Ashwaubenon High School as a sophomore, that was quite the experience to say the least! It all worked out as I love living in Green Bay; Go Packers and have met so many amazing people. I love to cook, workout and decorate my home. A new adventure in the works currently as my boyfriend and I are selling our first home and bought a fixer upper on 2.5 acres – scared and excited for change! Any renovation advice is welcomed.

I work full time; Monday-Friday 9am-5pm in customer service and marketing. I am almost done with my Digital Marketing degree here at NWTC. My long term goal is to achieve my bachelors degree in marketing.

Chapter 1 – Mobile Marketing

In Chapter 1, I was specifically drawn to the the definition of mobile marketing: “connecting, engaging and influencing individuals through and with mobile devices” -such a simple definition with a lot to unpack. I like that mobile marketing allows for both direct and indirect engagement. As the chapter points out, a successful marketer uses this to their advantage.

Mobile marketing can be daunting at first glance as it has so many working parts. The chapter aids in breaking down each individual component. I was particularly drawn to the laws centered out e-mail and text message marketing. With over 88% of US smartphone users accessing e-mail from their phones, it’ s a huge win for marketers to get in front of consumers on a mobile platform. The idea of sending an e-mail that links to say instagram or another mobile forward platform is useful!

Mobile marketing also allows for more use of video. According to a blog by mark growth, over 70% of youtube views come from mobile; that’s a huge margin. It’s exciting that consumers are open to all types of videos; even ones “homemade” i.e., not professionally shot. This can help on ROI for businesses of all sizes.




Future of Mobile Marketing at a Glance

Blog #1_Engagement Strategies

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